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Theseus logo by Forge Reply Games forPSVR
Release Date - 7/26/17

The day Theseus arrived for PSVR, word quickly spread that the game was over in 90 minutes. This of course, caused a good number of PSVR owners to immediately reconsider a purchase. It's really unfortunate for Forge Reply Games, because they've crafted a very impressive 3rd person action adventure, thick with atmosphere and tension. The game is admittedly short, but at 20 bucks, I don't feel like it's a terrible value. You can easily play through this experience twice, and it also makes great demo material. There are certain scenes in this game that are extremely powerful and awe-inspiring. Graphically, it's a standout title. The architecture and lighting are used to great effect. Camera work and shadows really bring us into the experience. The audio has an outstanding 3D mix that puts you at the center of the action.

Rating - 85

Theseus by Forge Reply Games for PlayStation VR

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