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Thrill of the Fight logo by Ian Fitz
Publisher - Ian Fitz
Developer - Ian Fitz
Release Date - 7/1/16

One of the best aspects of VR gaming, is the chance to put ourselves into the shoes of someone facing extreme danger, and to walk away from the harrowing experience completely unscathed. Such is the case with Thrill of the Fight. In this game, you get to step into the shoes of an up and coming boxer, and try to work your way up the ranks. In real life, taking punches like this could be extremely hazardous to your healh, but in VR it's a ton of fun. Well, at least it's a ton of fun until either you have to stop because you're sweating like a pig, or your arms are dead tired and you can hardly lift them up. Both situations happened to me while playing this game, but I keep coming back and firing the game up. However, I do it with the knowledge that I'm also going to get a bit of a workout.


Thrill of the Fight by Ian Fitz for HTC Vive

Rating - 84

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