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Thunderballs by Megafauna logo
Release Date - Spring 2019

Welcome to the eye of the storm. Engage with up to 4 players in this maelstrom of VR mayhem. Thrill in physics-based destruction as your send the enemy keep crashing to the ground far below. Select your Thunderballer, take aim and prepare to bring the thunder! Multiplayer monsoon - battle with up to 4 Players online in team-based clashes. Quick matches and pickup-and-play gameplay throw you straight into the maelstrom. Tactical variety - Perforate your opponents with strange, futuristic technology or bring down the house with devastating artillery. Degrade the enemy’s options by destroying their lightning harnessing energy pylons. Eye of the storm - Clear a path to the heart of the enemy base and make your way inside to deliver a crippling blow right where it hurts the most!

Spring 2019 

Thunderballs by Megafauna for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
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