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Release Date - 4/10/18

Time Carnage is another wave shooter. Yes, I know, we have a million of these things. However, ignore Time Carnage at your own peril, because this could be one of the best wave shooters we've seen thus far. The thing that Time Carnage does better than almost any other wave shooter is to provide an interesting play-mechanic that drives the whole experience. The process of grabbing guns from 4 pedestals in front of you, and then putting them back for reloading, is truly sublime. You'll feel like a time-travelling action star badass, as you grab two machine guns and lay waste to the charging Triceratops about to rip you to shreds. Graphics and sounds are mixed, but fun factor is there in spades.

Rating - 86

(Reviewed on PlayStation VR)

(review code provided by developer or publisher)

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