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Tiny Trax logo by Futurlab for PSVR
Release Date - 7/25/17

If I could only say one good thing about Tiny Trax, I would talk about it's amazing color. Futurlab is splashing the brightest of colors all over the place, and taking full advantage of the fact that there aren't any rules in Virtual Reality. The racetracks twist and turn and loop in ways that might not be possible in real life, but in this world, it makes perfect sense. The audio is a standout feature as well, both the sound effects and the catchy background tunes. This game really is a great combination of audio/video bliss. If there is a fly in the ointment for Tiny Trax, it's definitely the harsh learning curve. I would try racing the tracks over and over again, but I couldn't do any better than 3rd place. I never quite came to grips with the turning / boost mechanic that is such a key factor to this game. Still, despite this, I'm having a blast just experiencing the beautiful world that Futurlab has created with Tiny Trax.

Rating - 85

Tiny Traxy by Futurlab for PlayStation VR

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