Top 100 Oculus Rift games currently available

Half-Life: Alyx has arrived and VR gaming might never be the same. Despite the fact that expectations were through the roof, Valve not only met those lofty expectations, but totally shattered them! Graphically, it's a Tour-De-Force. The 3D audio is impeccable. You combine the two and add realistic physics, and you have one of the most immersive and intense shooter/thrillers you've ever experienced. It's a true watershed moment for VR gaming. Just imagine how long it might be until another VR game knocks HLA off that top spot.

[updated monthly - last update 4/5/20]
1. Half-Life: Alyx
2. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
Skydance Interactive
3. Beat Saber
Beat Games
4. Asgard's Wrath
Sanzaru Games
5. Lone Echo
Ready at Dawn
6. Skyrim VR
Bethesda Game Studios
7. Super HOT
Super HOT Team
8. Pistol Whip
Cloudhead Games
9. Blade & Sorcery
10. No Man's Sky
Hello Games
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11. Stormland
12. Boneworks
Stress Level Zero
13. Pavlov
14. Moss
15. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
Ninja Theory
16. GORN
Free Lives
17. Fallout 4 VR
Bethesda Game Studios
18. H3VR
19. Westworld Awakening
20. Robo Recall
Epic Games
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Against Gravity
22. Onward
Downpour Interactive
23. The Gallery: Episode 2
Cloudhead Games
24. Echo Arena
Ready at Dawn
25. Contractors
Caveman Studio
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26. Subnautica
Unknown Worlds Entertainment
27. Karnage Chronicles
Nordic Trolls
28. The Climb
29. Alien Isolation (VR Mod)
Creative Assembly
30. Job Simulator
Owlchemy Labs
31. Arizona Sunshine
Vertigo Games/Jaywalkers
32. Elite: Dangerous
Frontier Developments
33. In Death
Sólfar Studios
34. Borderlands 2 VR
Gearbox Software
35. Red Matter
Vertical Robot
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36. To The Top
Electric Hat Games
37. Creed: Rise to Glory
38. Audica
Harmonix Music Systems
39. The Talos Principle
40. Brass Tactics
Hidden Path Entertainment
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41. Transference
42. Arktika 1
4A Games
43. Pixel Ripped 1989
44. I Expect You To Die
Schell Games
45. Payday 2 VR
46. Sairento VR
Mixed Realms
47. Space Pirate Trainer
48. Project Cars 2
Slightly Mad Studios
49. Echo Combat
Ready at Dawn
50. From Other Suns
Gunfire Games
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51. Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE
52. Windlands 2
Psytec Games
53. The Invisible Hours
Tequila Works
54. Jet Island
Master Indie
55. Zero Caliber
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56. Eleven: Table Tennis VR
For Fun Labs
57. Budget Cuts 2
Neat Corp. / Fast Travel Games
58. Vanishing Realms
Indimo Labs
59. Racket Nx
One Hamsa
60. Star Trek Bridge Crew
Red Storm Entertainment
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61. Assetto Corsa
Kunos Simulazioni
62. Trover Saves the Universe
Squanch Games
63. Until You Fall
Schell Games
64. Vader Immortal: Ep1
65. The Forest
Endnight Games
66. Wilson's Heart
Twisted Pixel
67. Apex Construct
Fast Travel Games
68. Virtual Virtual Reality
Tender Claws
69. BlazeRush
Targem Games
70. Final Assault
Phaser Lock Interactive
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71. Raw Data
72. Seeking Dawn
Multiverse Entertainment
73. Hellsplit Arena
Deep Type Games
74. Espire 1: VR Operative
Digital Lode
75. Dirt Rally
76. Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes!
Steel Crate Games
77. Sparc
CCP Games
78. Shadow Legend
79. Organ Quarter
Outer Brain Studios
80. L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files
Rockstar Games
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81. Stand Out
raptor lab
82. Blasters of the Universe
Secret Location
83. Journey of the Gods
Turtle Rock Studios
84.  Serious Sam: The Last Hope
85. Chronos
Gunfire Games
86. XING: The Land Beyond
White Lotus Interactive
87. OrbusVR Reborn
Orbus Online
88. Shadow Point
89. Vacation Simulator
Owlchemy Labs
90. Batman Arkham VR
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91. A Fisherman's Tale
Innerspace VR
92. Vader Immortal: Ep3
93. Robinson: The Journey
94. The Under Presents
Tender Claws
95. Sprint Vector
96. Obduction
Cyan Inc.
97. Killing Floor: Incursion
Tripwire Interactive
98. The Mage's Tale
inXile Entertainment
99. Dead and Buried
Gunfire Games/Oculus Studios
100. Vox Machinae
Space Bullet
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