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   Top 100 PlayStation VR Games Currently Available

Farpoint by Impulse Gear remains the No.1 ranked PlayStation VR game.  Bottom line, it's going to take something, really, really special to knock it out of the top spot. However, we do finally have some new blood in the Top 10, and that new arrival is Hitman 3! Developed by IO Interactive, this game debuted on the rankings at No.10 overall. Swordsman VR by Sinn Studio continues to rise up the ranks. It's now worked it's way up to No. 29 overall! Most Impressive! Doom 3 VR Edition, was originally developed by Id Software, but it's now been ported to PSVR by developer Archiact. It's debuted at No. 50 overall.

[updated monthly - last update 4/14/21]

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