Top 20 Most Wanted VR games - All Platforms

There's nothing quite like the video game hype cycle. For some of us, our most wanted games is a reason to get out of bed in the morning.  Stormland by Insomniac is the single most wanted VR game out there. It's coming very soon on November 14th. We're hyped!   Our newest arrival is Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond by Respawn Entertainment. We can't wait to try a legit AAA banger in amazing VR! Unfortunately, we probably won't see MOH until late 2020. Lone Echo 2 by Ready at Dawn is still deep in development and we hope to get our hands on it in the not too distant future.

[updated monthly - last update 11/12/19]
1. Stormland
Insomniac Games (Oculus Rift)
2. Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond
Respawn Entertainment (Oculus Rift)
3. Lone Echo 2
Ready at Dawn (Oculus Rift)
Stress Level Zero (PC-VR)
5. Population: ONE
BigBox VR (PC-VR/Quest)
6. After The Fall
Vertigo Games (PC-VR)
7. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinner
Skydance Interactive - January 23rd
8. Marvel's Iron Man VR
Camouflaj (PSVR)
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9. Arizona Sunshine
Vertigo Games (Oculus Rift)
10. Pistol Whip
Cloudhead Games (PSVR)
11. Espire 1: VR Operative
Digital Lode (major VR platforms)
12. Low-Fi
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13. Echo VR
Ready at Dawn (Oculus Quest)
14. Firmament
Cyan Inc. (major VR platforms)
15. Vertigo 2
Zulubo Productions (PC-VR)
16. The Wizards: Dark Times
Carbon Studio (major VR platforms)
17. The Walking Dead: Onslaught
Survios (major VR platforms)
18. GORN
Free Lives (PSVR)
19. Pavlov Lite
davevillz (Oculus Quest)
20. Blunt Force
Monad Rock (major VR platforms)
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