Top 20 Most Wanted Upcoming VR games - All Platforms

There's nothing quite like the video game hype cycle. For some of us, our Most Wanted game is a reason to get out of bed in the morning.  In fact, there's no better example of this than Skydance Interactive's  The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. Well, at least for Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR gamers! They've been sitting on the sidelines while PC-VR gamers have been enjoying the visceral feast that Skydance delivered. The 2nd most wanted game on our rankings is Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond by Respawn Entertainment.  This should be one of the more AAA VR experiences we get this year.

[updated monthly - last update 4/19/20]
1. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinner
Skydance Interactive (Quest/PSVR)
2. Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond
Respawn Entertainment (Rift)
3. Lone Echo 2
Ready at Dawn (Rift)
4. Project 4
Stress Level Zero (Quest/PC-VR)
6. After The Fall
Vertigo Games (PC-VR/PSVR)
7. Population: ONE
BigBox VR (PC-VR/Quest)
7. Vertigo 2
Zulubo Productions (PC-VR)
8. Marvel's Iron Man VR
Camoflaj (PSVR)
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9. The Walking Dead: Onslaught
Survios (PC-VR/PSVR)
10. Firmament
Cyan Inc. (PC-VR/PSVR)
11. The Wizards: Dark Times
Carbon Studio (major VR platforms)
12. Sniper Elite VR
Rebellion (PSVR/PC-VR)
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13. Echo VR
Ready at Dawn (Quest)
14. Undead Citadel
Dark Curry (PC-VR/PSVR)
15. Blunt Force
Monad Rock (PSVR/PC-VR)
16. Low-Fi
17. GORN
Free Lives (PSVR)
18. LONN
SixSense Studios (PC-VR)
19. Pistol Whip
Cloudhead Games (PSVR)
20. Solaris: Offworld Combat
First Contact Entertainment (major VR platforms)
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