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     Top 20 Most Wanted Upcoming Valve Index - HTC Vive Games

Project 4 by Stress Level Zero. is currently the single most wanted Valve Index and HTC Vive game.  The crazy thing is, we still don't know the real name of the game! "Project 4", is just placeholder, until the official name is unveiled. We hope to find out more soon. Zenith: The Last City by Ramen VR is still one of the most wanted upcoming PC-VR games. It's expected very early 2022. After the Fall by Vertigo Games is in our 3rd spot. The title was delayed from last year till this summer, but could this be the unofficial, spiritual sequel to Arizona Sunshine? Vertigo Games says the title will be worth the wait. Green Hell VR is ranked 4th.

[updated monthly - last update 7/21/21]
Release dates and release windows are fluid and subject to frequent changes. For entertainment purposes only.
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