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   Top 20 Most Wanted Upcoming Oculus Rift Games

Lone Echo 2 by developer Ready at Dawn has been confirmed for August 24th! Yes, our wait is almost over.  The original game is still considered one of the 5 or 6 best VR games available. Coming in 2nd on our rankings is Project 4 by Stress Level Zero. We're still waiting for the "true" unveiling of the game. The "Project 4" name is likely placeholder, and we'll find out more about the project soon.  Zenith: The Last City by Ramen VR remains one of the most wanted PC-VR titles on the docket. After the Fall by Vertigo Games is our 4th Most Wanted Rift game. It was delayed from a late 2020 release, but it's now locked in for a Summer  arrival. The 4 player VR Co-Op looks hot!

[updated monthly - last update 7/21/21]
Release dates and release windows are fluid and subject to frequent changes. For entertainment purposes only.
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