Top 20 Oculus Quest Games Currently Available


The Oculus Quest has now been available for a full calendar year, and all indications are that it's a runaway success! If only Oculus could have kept up with the incredible demand. Still, if you're one of the lucky ones to have snagged a Quest, there's tons of great games available. Beat Saber, by Beat Games, continues to enjoy a death grip on the No.1 ranking. It's so far out in front, it's not even funny. However, there is one game that's nipping at it's heels and that's Pistol Whip by Cloudhead Games. Yep, Pistol Whip is doing gangbusters on the Quest! Of course we can't forget Moss by Polyarc, currently ranked 3rd.

[updated monthly - last update 5/28/20]
1. Beat Saber
Beat Games ($29.99)
2. Pistol Whip
Cloudhead Games ($24.99)
3. Moss
Polyarc ($29.99)
4. Super HOT
Super HOT Team ($24.99)
5. Vader Immortal: Ep1
ILMxLAB ($9.99)
6. Job Simulator
Owlchemy Labs ($19.99)
7. Space Pirate Trainer
I-Illusions ($14.99)
8. I Expect You To Die
Schell Games ($24.99)
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9. The Thrill of the Fight
Ian Fitz ($9.99)
10. Red Matter
Vertical Robot ($24.99)
11. Journey of the Gods
Turtle Rock Studios ($29.99)
12. Apex Construct
Fast Travel Games ($19.99)
13. Ghost Giant
Zoink Games ($24.99)
14. The Room VR: A Dark Matter
Fireproof Games ($29.99)
15. Rec Room
Against Gravity (Free)
16. Vader Immortal: Ep3
ILMxLAB ($9.99)
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17. Tetris Effect
enhance games / Monstars ($29.99)
18. The Climb
Crytek ($29.99)
19. Shadow Point
Coatsink ($19.99)
20. Vacation Simulator
Owlchemy Labs ($29.99)
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