Top 20 PlayStation VR games under 10 bucks!


So, you own a PlayStation VR, but you're low on funds right now. We'll, you can probably dig through your sofa cushions and find enough money to scrape together, to grab a game from this list. These are the 20 Best PlayStation VR Games under 10 bucks. We have a number of good free experiences on this list, as well as a number of games coming in just a penny shy of $10. Three of the first four experiences are all free. Rogue One X-Wing VR Mission, The Playroom VR and COD Jackal Assault VR. (Rogue One does require Star Wars Battlefront to work)


[updated bi-monthly - last update 7/16/17]
1. Rogue One X-Wing VR Mission
Criterion Games / DICE (Free)
2. The Playroom VR
Japan Studio (Free)
3. Tumble VR
Supermassive Games / Sony ($9.99)
4. COD Jackal Assault VR
Infinity Ward (Free)
5. Fated: The Silent Oath
Firma Studio ($9.99)
6. World War Toons
Studio Roqovan (Free*)
7. EVE: Gunjack
CCP ($9.99)
8. O! My Genesis
XPEC Entertainment ($2.99)
9. Hyper Void
IN/Framez Technology ($9.99)
10. Race The Sun
Flippfly ($9.99)
11. Moonshot Galaxy
Big Fish Games ($9.99)
12. Special Delivery
Meercat Gaming ($9.99)
13. DYING: Reborn
Nekcom ($9.99)
14. Cavernous Wastes
PouncingKitten Games ($9.99)
15. Catlateral Damage
Fire Hose Games ($9.99)
16. Cyber Danganronpa VR
Spike Chunsoft Co. (Free with Plus)
17. Waddle Home
Archaict Interactive ($9.99)
18. VirZoom Arcade
VirZoom Inc. (Free)
19. Starship Disco
Solus Games ($9.99)
20. Ghostbusters is Hiring
Sony Pictures Virtual Reality ($6.99)
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