Top 20 PlayStation VR games under 20 bucks!

[updated bi-monthly - last update 7/15/17]

One unfortunate fact of life for console gamers, is that console publishers rarely price games below $19.99. Maybe it's because they have to pay the platform holder a royalty for every copy sold, and that extra amount off the top means they have to charge a bit extra. On Steam, you can find tons of games for $14.99 and $9.99. On PlayStation VR they exist, but with nowhere near the frequency. However, if $19.99 is your magical price point, then you're in luck. PlayStation VR has a very solid list of 20 games all available for $19.99 or less. Some of these games can be found on sale for even cheaper, so be sure to check for the best deals.


1. Rush of Blood
Supermassive Games ($19.99)
2. Batman Arkham VR
Rocksteady ($19.99)
3. Keep Taking & Nobody Explodes
Steel Crate Games ($14.99)
4. Statik
Tarsier Studios ($19.99)
5. Starblood Arena
WhiteMoon Dreams ($19.99)
6. PlayStation VR Worlds
SCE London Studio ($19.99)
7. Thumper
Drool ($19.99)
8. Mortal Blitz
Skonec Entertainment ($19.99)
9. Headmaster
Frame Interactive Studio ($19.99)
10. Rogue One X-Wing VR Mission
Criterion Games / Dice (Free)
11. Korix
StellarVR Limited ($19.99)
12. Psychonaus the Rhombus of Ruins
Double Fine ($19.99)
13. Polybius
Llamasoft ($15.49)
14. Bound
Plastic / Santa Monica Studios ($19.99)
15. Driveclub VR
Evolution Studios ($19.99)
16. The Playroom VR
Japan Studio (FREE)
17. Windlands
Psytec Games ($19.99)
18. VR Invaders ($17.99)
19. Tumble VR
Supermassive Games / Sony ($9.99)
20. The Brookhaven Experiment
Phosphor Games ($19.99)
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