Top 20 Oculus Quest Experiences and Apps 


The Oculus Quest received a ton of great games right off the bat, but what about Apps and Experiences? Not everybody is a hardcore gamer. Luckily, there's already a handful of very interesting non-gaming experiences to explore. Oculus First Contact is probably one of the best VR experiences you can try on an Oculus Quest and it's 100 percent Free! Another cool free experience to check out is First Steps, also by Ouclus. The two most popular Apps on the Quest right now are YouTube VR and Netflix. It's no surprise, the Quest can provide some great video quality with that OLED screen.

[updated monthly - last update 6/9/19]
1. YouTube VR
Google (Free)
2. Oculus First Contact
Oculus (Free)
3. Netflix
Netflix Inc. (Free)
4. First Steps
Oculus (Free)
5. VRChat
VRChat Inc. (Free)
6. Bigscreen Beta
Bigscreen Inc. (Free)
7. Virtual Desktop
Guy Godin ($14.99)
8. Skybox VR Video Player
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9. Bogo
Oculus (Free)
10. Wander
Parkline Interactive ($9.99)
11. Tilt Brush
Google ($19.99)
12. Ocean Rift
Llyr ap Cenydd ($9.99)
13. Apollo 11
Immersive VR Education ($9.99)
14. Nature Treks VR
John Carline ($9.99)
15. National Geographic Explorer VR
Force Field ($9.99)
16. Guided Tai Chi
Cubicle Ninjas ($9.99)
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17. Bonfire
Baobab Studios ($9.99)
18. ESPN
ESPN (Free)
19. Oculus Gallery
Oculus (Free)
20. Oculus Video
Oculus (Free)
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