Top 20 HTC Vive games under 10 bucks! 

In this ranking, we try to find the 20 best HTC Vive games that we can get our hands on, for under 10 bucks. Pavlov VR has jumped to the No.1 spot, as it's one of the most highly acclaimed multiplayer VR games that just happens to be very affordable at $9.99. REC ROOM, Xortex, Longbow and Slingshot are all free games that made the list at #2, #5, #6 and #10 respectively. ZomDay has been getting some love as a highly underrated $9.99 title that also happens to be a more recent release. Lucky Night Texas Hold'Em is a Free 2 Play game, not sure how many microtransactions it contains.

1. Pavlov VR
davevillz ($9.99)
Against Gravity (Free)
3. Climbey
Brian Lindenhof ($9.99)
4. Soundboxing
Maxint LLC ($7.99)
5. Xortex 26XX (The Lab)
Valve (Free)
6. Longbow (The Lab)
Valve (Free)
7. Thrill of the Fight
Ian Fitz ($9.99)
8. Richie's Plank Experience
Toast ($7.99)
9. Unseen Diplomacy
Triangular Pixels ($2.99)
10. Slingshot (The Lab)
Valve (Free)
11. ZomDay
INTO GAMES ($9.99)
12. Lucky Night Texas Hold'em
Tencent Games (F2P)
13. Pierhead Arcade
Mechabit Ltd. ($9.99)
14. Cyberpong VR
COLOPL ($8.99)
15. Water Bears VR
Schell Games ($9.99)
16. Ghost Town Mine Ride
Spectral Illusions ($8.99)
17. Lightblade VR
Andreas Hager Gaming ($3.99)
18. Dreadhalls
White Door Games ($9.99)
19. A-10 VR
Futuretown ($4.99)
20. EVE: Gunjack
CCP ($9.99)
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