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   Top 20 HTC Vive VR Experiences (Non-Games)


Vanishing Realms

Brookhaven Experiment

Robo Recall

Raw Data

This is the Top 20 HTC Vive VR Experiences (non-games) ranking. Obviously, we have so many game rankings it might make your head spin, but what about the non-game stuff? There are so many great VR experiences and applications that don't fit neatly in the "game" category. We have two of the favorite pieces of VR software in existence, in Google Earth and Tilt Brush. We also have some of the most powerful, cinematic type VR experiences, that almost put you inside a movie, like Robot Repair (The Lab), from Valve. The newest experience to arrive on the ranking is Quanero. It has landed at No.15 overall on the list. Senza Peso, one spot ahead of it at No.14 is another can't miss display of VR wonder.



Resident Evil 7

Robinson:            The Journey

Arizona Sunshine

Rush of Blood

Space Pirate Trainer

Lucky's Tale

Doom 3 BFG VR

Super HOT



Driveclub VR

Cyberpong VR


Xortex 26XX


Blasters of the Universe

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