Top 20 VR Games - All Platforms

The Top 20 VR Games - All Platforms ranking is probably the single most important ranking that we have. This is the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to VR games currently available. Sure, it's human nature to be excited about games coming soon, more so than what we already have in front of us, but, we really should celebrate what we already have. Hundreds of VR gamers around the world have already submitted their top 20 list. Those rankings have been tabulated and our Top 20 overall reflects those rankings. Be sure to also check out the Hot 100. The 100 best VR games for all platforms is another key ranking. 

[updated monthly - last update 2/1/19]
1. Skyrim VR
Bethesda Game Studios (major VR platforms)
2. Beat Saber
Beat Games (major VR platforms)
3. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission
Japan Studio (PSVR)
4. Onward
Downpour Interactive (PC-VR)
5. Fallout 4 VR
Bethesda Game Studios (PC-VR)
6. Super HOT
SUPERHOT Team (major VR platforms)
7. Lone Echo
Ready at Dawn (Oculus Rift)
8. Borderlands 2 VR
Gearbox Software (PSVR)
9. Wipeout Omega Collection VR
EPOS Game Studio (PSVR)
Against Gravity (major VR platforms)
11. Resident Evil 7
Capcom (PSVR)
12. Farpoint
Impulse Gear (PSVR)
13. Robo Recall
Epic Games (Oculus Rift)
14. Echo Arena
Ready at Dawn (Oculus Rift)
15. OrbusVR
Orbus Online (PC-VR)
16. The Talos Principle
Croteam (PC-VR)
17. GORN
Free Lives (PC-VR)
18. Pavlov VR
davekillz (PC-VR)
19. Elite: Dangerous
Frontier Developments (PC-VR)
20. Subnautica
Unknown Worlds Enter. (PC-VR)
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