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     Top 20 VR Wave Shooters - All Platforms


Vanishing Realms

Brookhaven Experiment

Robo Recall

The category of Wave Shooter is probably one of the most populated categories that we have in VR. However, for this list, we tried to stick with Wave Shooters that really fit the description. Some might wonder why Super HOT is missing ? Well, I don't honestly see it as a classic wave shooter. It's more of a puzzle game than anything. Mortal Blitz on PSVR and HordeZ almost qualified for Wave Shooter status, but again, they don't fit that classic description. One of the most classic you'll find is Raw Data and Brookhaven Experiment. Those games are the true essence of wave shooters.



Raw Data

Resident Evil 7

Robinson:            The Journey

Arizona Sunshine

Rush of Blood

Space Pirate Trainer

Lucky's Tale

Doom 3 BFG VR

Super HOT



Driveclub VR

Cyberpong VR


Xortex 26XX


Blasters of the Universe

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