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  Top 200 Valve Index and HTC Vive Games Currently Available

In this ranking, we look at the 200 best VR games that will run natively in your Valve Index or HTC Vive headset. In other words, all the Oculus Rift exclusives have been eliminated from this ranking. This is more important than ever, with the new Facebook requirement for those that have an Oculus account. Some people don't want to be involved with Facebook in any way, just to play VR games. Thus, a Valve Index or HTC Vive might be the better choice. You can still play Oculus exclusives via a software hack known as "Revive", but if you want to avoid Oculus and Facebook completely, just check out these games and enjoy the bounty of goodness on offer for the Valve Index, HTC Vive and other non-Facebook required headsets.

[updated monthly - last update 1/12/21]
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