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   Top 200 PlayStation VR Games Currently Available

Welcome to the Top 200 PlayStation VR games currently available ranking. For the longest time we'd rank 100 PSVR games. However, too many super solid VR games were barely missing the mark. We knew we had to expand.  Now, we're ranking a full 200 PSVR games!  Hitman 3  by IO Interactive, arrived earlier this year to rave reviews. It's debut ranking is 10th overall! Quite impressive. Even PC-VR players are jealous of this stealth action/adventure title. Swordsman VR, by SinnStudios is steadily climbing the rankings. It's now up to #29 overall!  Doom 3 VR Edition  by Archiact and Id Software, debuts on the rankings at 50 overall. It's been very well received besides some minor complaints., 

[updated monthly - last update 4/14/21]

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