Top 30 VR Horror/Thriller Games - All Platforms

This is the Top 30 Best VR Horror/Thriller games on all platforms. Now, with this ranking, the focus is more on horror. Arizona Sunshine and Raw Data are widely considered to be some of the very best VR games period, but on this list they are ranked below other, lesser games. However, these lesser games might have a stronger "horror" flavor, so they ranked higher on the charts. This isn't about what are the best "games" per se, this is what are the best horror/thriller games? That's why something like Organ Quarter ranks so highly. That game has garnered a great amount of respect from those that have played it, to rank ahead of stuff like Resident Evil 7 and Alien Isolation.

[updated on  9/14/18]
1. Organ Quarter
Outer Brain Studios (PC-VR)
2. Resident Evil 7
Capcom (PlayStation VR)
3. Alien Isolation (VR mod)
Creative Assembly (PC-VR)
4. A Chair in a Room
Wolf & Wood Interactive (PC-VR)
5. Rush of Blood
Supermassive Games (PlayStation VR)
6. The Brookhaven Experiment
Phosphor Games (major VR platforms)
7. The Exorcist: Legion VR
Wolf & Wood Interactive (major VR platforms)
8. Paranormal Activity
VRWERX (major VR platforms)
9. Dreadhalls
White Door Games (major VR platforms)
10. Here They Lie
Tangentleman (PlayStation VR)
11. Subnautica
Unknown Worlds Entertainment (PC-VR)
12. Doom 3 BFG (VR Mod)
id Software (PC-VR)
13. Killing Floor: Incursion
Tripwire Interactive (major VR platforms)
14. AFFECTED: The Manor
Fallen Planet Studios (PC-VR)
15. In Death
Sólfar Studios (PC-VR)
16. Edge of Nowhere
Insomniac Games (Oculus Rift)
17. Arizona Sunshine
Jaywalkers/Vertigo Games (major VR platforms)
18. Contagion VR: Outbreak
Monochrome Inc. (PC-VR)
19. Dead Effect 2
BadFly Interactive (PC-VR)
20. Raw Data
Survios (major VR platforms)
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21. Duck Season
Stress Level Zero (PC-VR)
22. Arktika 1
4A Games (Oculus Rift)
23. Wilson's Heart
Twisted Pixel (Oculus Rift)
24. Ghost Town Mine Ride
Spectral Illusions (PC-VR)
25. The Inpatient
Supermassive Games (PlayStation VR)
26. Narcosis
Honor Code Inc. (PC-VR)
27. Batman Arkham VR
Rocksteady (major VR platforms)
28. HordeZ
Zenz VR (PC-VR)
29. Drop Dead
Pixel Toys (Oculus Rift)
30. Doom VFR
id Software (major VR platforms)
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