Top 40 Most Wanted Upcoming Oculus Rift Games

So far in 2021, big releases have been somewhat hard to come by. There hasn't been a ton to shout about. The good news however, is that the back half of 2021 is loaded with firepower. Lone Echo 2 was just confirmed as coming to Rift this Summer! After the Fall by Vertigo games has also been confirmed for Summer. It will likely have a locked in release date shortly. One game we're hoping to find out more on, is Project 4 by Stress Level Zero. This game is set in a world similar to Boneworks, a high-end PC-VR game that has proven itself to be one of the best VR games in existence. So we're definitely excited to see Stress Level Zero's follow-up. These are the Top 40 Most Wanted Upcoming Oculus Rift games:


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