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 Top 50 Valve Index & HTC Vive games currently available 

This is the Top 50,  best Valve Index and HTC Vive games currently available. Pavlov by Vankrupt Games keeps getting better and better! The game is now ranked 10th overall.  Star Wars Squadrons  has finally made it's debut on these charts, coming in at No.17.  Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is on these rankings in the 22nd spot. We thought for sure this game would be a Rift Store exclusive, but you can buy the game on Steam.  Organ Quarter by Outer Brain Studios might be somewhat of a surprise at No.45 overall, but it shouldn't be. This game has an absolutely amazing horror/thriller atmosphere. You can practically smell the dread and hopelessness in the air!

[updated monthly - last update 1/10/21]
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