Top 50 Most Wanted VR games - All Platforms

This is the Top 50 Most Wanted VR games ranking. It includes titles coming to the HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, Valve Index, PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift.   Half-Life: Alyx by Valve is currently holding down the No.1 overall spot. VR gamers would love to time travel to March if it was humanly possible. Our second most wanted VR game is Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond by Respawn Entertainment. Respawn is going back to their roots by revisiting the Medal of Honor franchise which makes perfect sense for a VR extravaganza.  Lone Echo 2 by Ready at Dawn won't be finished up till mid 2020, but the hype is still very strong for the follow-up to their Sci-Fi masterpiece.

[updated monthly - last update 12/17/19]
1. Half-Life: Alyx
Valve (PC-VR)
2. Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond
Respawn Entertainment (Rift)
3. Lone Echo 2
Ready at Dawn (Rift)
4. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinner
Skydance Interactive (PC-VR)
5. After The Fall
Vertigo Games (PC-VR)
6. Population: ONE
BigBox VR (PC-VR/Quest)
7. Marvel's Iron Man VR
Camouflaj (PSVR)
8. Vertigo 2
Zulubo Productions (PC-VR)
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9. Project 4
Stress Level Zero (Quest)
10. Firmament
Cyan Inc. (PC-VR/PSVR)
11. Echo VR
Ready at Dawn (Quest)
12. Sniper Elite VR
Rebellion (PSVR/PC-VR)
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13. GORN
Free Lives (PSVR)
14. The Wizards: Dark Times
Carbon Studio (PC-VR/Quest)
15. Low-Fi
16. The Walking Dead: Onslaught
Survios (PC-VR/PSVR)
17. Audica
Harmonix (Quest)
18. Pistol Whip
Cloudhead Games (PSVR)
19. Pavlov: Shack
davevillz (Quest)
20. Undead Citadel
Dark Curry (PC-VR/PSVR)
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21. Phantom: Covert Ops
nDreams (Rift/Quest)
22. Blunt Force
Monad Rock (PC-VR)
23. Ghost Giant
Zoink Games (Quest)
24. Onward
Downpour Interactive (Quest)
25. Dreams
Media Molecule (PSVR)
26. Paper Beast
Pixel Reef (PSVR)
27. Solaris: Offworld Combat
First Contact Entertainment (Quest/Rift)
28. Star Child
Playful (PSVR)
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33. Budget Cuts
Neat Corporation (PSVR)
34. Contractors VR
Caveman Studio (Quest)
35. Rise of the Titan
Lightbound Studios (PC-VR)
36. Panther VR
Wolfdog Interactive (PC-VR)
37. District Steel
Barricade Studio (PC-VR)
38. Node
Cubic Planet Studio (PC-VR)
39. The Rig
Sunset Division (PC-VR)
40. N1NE: The Splintered Mind
ODIN Studios (PC-VR)
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41. The Elder Scrolls: Blades
Bethesda Softworks (PC-VR/PSVR)
42. Tarzan VR
Stonepunk Studios (PC-VR/PSVR)
43. The Room VR: A Dark Matter
Fireproof Games (major VR platforms)
44. Final Assault
Phaser Lock Interactive (PSVR/Quest)
45. Disciples of Dawn
Stonepunk Studios (PC-VR)
46. LONN
SixSense Studios (PC-VR)
47. Predator VR
Phosphor Studios (PC-VR)
48. Elysium VR 3
RAV3 Interactive (PC-VR)
49. Eye of the Temple
Sanctum Dreams (PC-VR)
50. Humanity
the ltd. / Enhance Games (PSVR)
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29. Pixel Ripped 1995
ARVORE (major VR platforms)
30. Zenith
Ramen VR (PC-VR/Quest)
31. Five Nights At Freddy's VR
Steel Wool Studio (Quest)
32. Shadow Legend
VitruviusVR (PSVR)
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