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   Top 50 Oculus Quest Games Currently Available

The rankings have been updated and surprise, surprise, Beat Saber is still holding down the top spot. It's going to take an extinction level event to knock Beat Saber off it's pedestalSuper HOT has now jumped into 2nd place. It's seems to be solidifying it's position as the clear cut, 2nd best Quest title to recommend (after Beat Saber).  The Room VR: A Dark Matter has shot way up the to No.5 overall! Many Quest owners consider it the best VR puzzle game on the platform.  Synth Riders by Kluge Interactive cracks the Top 50 at No.45 overall. The Climb 2, a relatively new arrival on Quest, makes it's rankings debut at No. 49 overall.  

[updated monthly - last update 4/19/21]
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