Top Available Paid Oculus Quest Experiences

Welcome to one of our newest rankings! These are the highest rated Oculus Quest Experiences that you need to pay some, cold... hard... cash for. Yep, not every VR experience is free. In fact, we think it's extremely important to show financial support to VR developers that are pushing the boundaries in virtual entertainment, education and creativity.  We must vote with our wallets by supporting some of these studios, which in turn will allow them to continue to work on something passionate and creative in the VR space. Our No.1 ranked paid experience is Gloomy Eyes, which was developed in a collaboration between Atlas V and 3DAR. You can pick up this fantastic narrative experience for $7.99. The other huge one that we must mention is Wolves in the Walls. A truly incredible production, from Fable Studio Inc. for $8.99.

[updated monthly - last update 1/15/21]
1. Gloomy Eyes
3DAR, Atlas V ($7.99)
2. Wolves in the Walls
Fable Studio Inc. ($8.99)
3. Tilt Brush
Google ($19.99)
4. Kingspray Graffiti
Infectious Ape ($14.99)
5. TribeXR DJ School
Tribe XR Inc. ($29.99)
Novelab ($9.99)
7. The Line
ARVORE ($4.99)
8. Wander
Parkline Interactive ($9.99)
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9. Electronauts
Survios ($19.99)
10. Color Space
Lighthaus Inc. ($9.99)
11. National Geographic Explore VR
Force Field ($9.99)
Atlas V ($5.99)
13. Apollo 11
Immersive VR Education ($9.99)
14. Baba Yaga
Baobab Studios ($5.99)
15. Ocean Rift
Llyr ap Cenydd ($9.99)
16. Titans of Space PLUS
DrashVR ($9.99)
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17. Tokyo Chronos
MyDearest Inc. ($39.99)
18. Where Thoughts Go
Lucas Rizzoto ($9.99)
19. Gravity Sketch
Gravity Sketch ($29.99)
20. SculptrVR
SculptrVR Inc. ($9.99)
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Video Cards for Oculus Link:

21. Nature Treks VR
John Carline ($9.99)
22. Bonfire
BaoBab Studios Inc. ($4.99)
23. Cirque du Soleil VR
Felix & Paul Studios ($6.99)
24. Paper Birds: Part I
3DAR ($4.99)
25. Shuttle Commander
Immersive VR Education ($9.99)
26. Star Chart
Escapist Games ($9.99)
27. Guided Tai Chi
Cubicle Ninjas ($9.99)
28. Spice & Wolf VR
SpicyTailes ($24.99)
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29. Let's Create Pottery VR
Infinite Dreams ($19.99)
30. Homestar VR: Special Edition
The Pocket Company ($24.99)
31. Myth: A Frozen Tale
Walt Disney Animation Studios ($2.99)
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