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Publisher -Trickster Games
Developer - Trickster Games
Release Date - 8/12/16

If you've already played Vanishing Realms and Karnage Chronicles to death, and you're looking for a low price dungeon crawler, Trickster VR could be a decent option. At a mere $13, it's quite affordable. The  developers have recently added a Co-Op option, which could potentially inject some new life into the game. Trickster features a great variety of weapons that you can use, although most will prefer to stick with the standard crossbow. The game uses procedurally generated assets, which is both a blessing and a curse. The gameplay is a mixture of melee and ranged combat. The biggest downside of the game is repetition. Once you've played 3 or 4 levels, you've pretty much seen what the game offers up. The quests are mostly the same, only differences being enemy type and map you're playing on. I quite enjoy the ranged combat offered up in Trickster, but find myself needing to switch to melee more than I would like. Again, the game is only $13, so we can't be too greedy.


Rating - 74

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