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Release Date - 5/5/20

When we first found out about The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners by Skydance Interactive, we heard the game was a dedicated PC-VR title. That it was pushing the boundaries of what's possible in a zombie survival game. We didn't think the title could be successfully ported to PlayStation VR.  Turns out, we were mistaken. Skydance Interactive has been hard at work, slaving away, squeezing this hefty PC-VR game onto PSVR. The early word is that all their efforts have paid off! We all remember what they did with Archangel on PSVR, so we were hopeful this version would live up to their original vision. We hope to get our hands on the finalized PlayStation VR version, to give it a full evaluation. 

Review Coming Soon

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners by Skydance Interactive for PlayStation VR
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