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Release Date - 3/28/17

Between all the Early-Access no-locomotion waveshooters, suddenly a complete archery game with full-fledged campaign has emerged. Designed to make you feel like The Green Arrow  or Hawkeye, Twisted Arrow features long linear levels with an actual story, told to you by your commander over the radio. The bow and arrow mechanic feels great. The game features freezing, homing and mine based arrows. The node teleportation, while restrictive, makes you actively use your roomscale space. You will have to duck and weave as enemies can come from all sides. They come in heavy numbers sometimes, but it never feels punishing. The bosses on the other hand are massive and require tactical thinking and quick movement in order to defeat them. While the graphics aren't as polished as Arizona Sunshine, the gameplay is equally as fun and more action packed.


Rating - 83

(HTC Vive version reviewed)

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