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Release Date - 2/21/17

First off, I must say that I'm a huge fan of the Pilotwings series. It's pretty obvious that Bit Planet Games was going for a bit of a Pilotwings vibe with this title. The graphics are somewhat hit and miss. The cockpits of the various planes have decent detail and the lighting and shadows within the cockpit are superb. Everything outside of your plane can be pretty low-poly at times.  I'd say it's similar to Windlands, if a bit more muted. The flight controls and physics are actually pretty good. More arcadey than sim, but still solid. The biggest downside is that all the missions seem like they were padded to make the game seem beefier. There is a real lack of content, but Bit Planet seemed to want to make all the missions take forever, to make it seem like there is enough content.

Rating - 78

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