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Vader Immortal Star Wars Series Logo 4p.
Release Date - August 25th

When Vader Immortal arrived on Oculus platforms, most figured that's where it'd stay. Possibly a lifelong Oculus exclusive. But good news for PlayStation VR owners, because Disney Interactive is bringing the series to PSVR! The Oculus versions were broken up into 3 individual episodes. On PlayStation VR, the whole series is coming as one complete experience. It's a great situation for PlayStation VR players, because while the Vader Immortal series wasn't quite perfect, at certain points it will really dazzle you. There are several sequences in the various episodes that make you understand why Virtual Reality is pretty much an unstoppable force that won't be denied.

Coming August 25th

Vader Immortal Star Wars Series by ILMxLAB for PlayStation VR
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