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Vanishing Grace by Monte Perdido Studio logo
Release Date - July 2019

"Vanishing Grace" is a narrative puzzle game set in a near-future where a solar storm has changed life on Earth. You play as Joel, a civil servant who has a quiet life until one day he discovers that Grace, his childhood friend, has disappeared. Her craft has reached the Citadel unmanned. It's at this point that Joel decides to leave everything behind to find her. Pilot Grace's craft and travel around desolate wastelands while you discover the story behind her mysterious disappearance. Face the challenge of piloting Grace's craft and ascertaining her whereabouts. Use a futuristic boomerang to collect the craft’s energy from stones that float in the environment. Repair the craft through fun puzzles. Discover a deep story about the sacrifices we have to make to find our place in the world.  

Review Coming Soon

Vanishing Grace by Monte Perdido Studio for the Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest platforms
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