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Vengeful Rites by Deep Dive Interactive logo
Publisher - Deep Dive Interactive
Developer - Deep Dive Interactive
Release Date - 11/9/18

Vengeful Rites is an adventure RPG designed exclusively for Virtual Reality. The world is being overrun by goblins and monsters and it falls to you to defend the realm of men against their invasion. You've got everything you need to accomplish your task. Your journey awaits...Explore every inch of a fantasy world steeped in mystery and danger while fighting against clever, nimble and sometimes colossal enemies that refuse to go down easily. Solve riddles and puzzles meant to bar your path or protect ancient treasures. Wield powerful magic with an intuitive on-the-fly casting system that gives you full control without having to navigate convoluted menus or interfaces. Customize your gear and play style with magic runes and perks.

Review Coming Soon

Vengeful Rites by Deep Dive Interactive for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
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