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Vertigo by Zulubo Productions logo
Release Date - 12/22/16

If you watch a trailer for Vertigo, you'll see that the game has very grand ambitions. It's almost as if an indie developer was trying to make their own version of a Half-Life type game. Or at least inspired in some way by Half-Life. Vertigo, falls far short of it's goals, but if you can live with some bugs, there's a great single player adventure buried within. Some of the puzzles might leave you scratching your head, but this is one of a small number of games that is at least trying to bring a grand adventure to VR, even if it ends up a bit short of the mark. So few VR games have a beginning,  middle and end, and take you on a legitmate adventure. This game is far from perfect, but for $15 I think it's a solid buy if you're craving an adventure game with some puzzles and gunplay.

Rating - 81 

Vertigo by Zulubo Productions for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
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