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Release Date - 3/29/17

In the world of VR gaming, we have more ping-pong games than we can shake a stick at.. Or should I say paddle? We also have several tennis games. Virtual Sports, by developer Free Range Games, combines the two into one offering. The ping-pong aspect has a lot to live up to, with rivals such as Eleven: Table Tennis VR and Paddle Up, but it does a great job. The physics are excellent and the game also includes a career mode which is sadly lacking in some of its competitors. The tennis portion of the game is quite solid, but I mainly fire the game up to play ping-pong. The online multiplayer for both modes seems a little under populated, but I can at least highly recommend the single-player portion! Fans of Tennis and Ping-Pong can both have a lot of fun with this title!

Rating - 84 

Virtual Sports by Free Range Games for the HTC Vive
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