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VR Furballs Demolition logo by Gamily Studios
Release Date - 11/9/18

Have you always wanted to play Angry Birds in VR, but you can't find an official Angry Birds VR game? Well, does Gamily Studios have a game for you! VR Furballs Demolition is very similar to Angry Birds in many ways, but this isn't a bad thing. The game is fun and fast to play. It's an especially good option if you have some younger family members that are hankering for some quality VR action. The game includes 54 unique levels along with 9 different Furballs you can choose from. Each Furball is bursting with personality and looks cute as a button. You almost don't want to send them flying into various structures with wreckless abandon, but you'll soon get over that. You can even build your own levels with a level editor. 

Review Coming Soon

VR Furballs Demolition by Gamily Studios for the HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
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