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Release Date - 12/15/16

It's interesting to me how this game was available for the HTC Vive a long time ago, but Vive gamers are hardly aware of it's existence. Later it arrived on PSVR, and possibly due to a drought of software on that system (at the time of release), the game found a decent following and garnered some buzz. It's basically your standard grade VR wave shooter, which has been done to death on the PC side of things. However, the PSVR market hasn't been nearly as saturated with these types of games. I actually enjoyed the game quite a bit, but found the story incomprehensible, and the overall content a bit lacking. If you're feeling burned by too many short VR experiences, this one could also give you a bit of that buyer's remorse.

 Rating - 73

VR Invaders by for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR
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