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Walkabout Mini Golf by Mighty Coconut logo
Release Date - 9/24/20

For the longest time, the Oculus Quest was without a good golf game. There were no Tiger Woods type sim-golf games, nor were there any miniature golf style games. Well, now we've got two mini-golf games in a relatively short period of time. First was Pro Putt by Topway, and now we get Walkabout Mini Golf by developer Mighty Coconut. The game features four unique 18-hole courses to master. Unlock "Night Mode", for more challenging versions of all courses. Play a quick match online, or create a private room with up to 5 of your friends.. Extremely accurate physics makes the game feel like the real thing. Collect over 70 custom balls hidden throughout the courses. 

Review Coming Soon

Walkabout Mini Golf by Might Coconut for the Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest platforms
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