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Waltz of the Wizard (Legacy) by Aldin Dynamics logo
Release Date - 5/31/16

If developer Aldin Dynamics was charging $10 or even $15 for Waltz of the Wizard, I don't think many VR gamers would bat an eye. Amazingly, we don't have to pay anything at all for this wonderful experience. Waltz of the Wizard (Legacy) is completely free, and it's absolutely worth downloading and giving it a go. In fact, you might find yourself using it as demo material for any Harry Potter fans among your family and friends. This is probably the closest we're going to get, to having a Hogwarts type experience during these early days of VR. In one scenario, you have Force Push powers similar to a Jedi Knight from Star Wars. You can grab heavy physical objects and toss them around the room with the greatest of ease. Absolutely worth a few play-throughs.

Rating - 87

Waltz of the Wizard (Legacy) by Aldin Dynamics for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index and Windows Mixed-Reality platforms
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