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War Dust by raptor-lab logo
Release Date - 10/19/18

War Dust is a newly announced VR game from well regarded developer raptor lab. This development house has made multiplayer VR gaming it's specialty. They started off with The Art of Fight way back in early 2017, and then followed that up with the highly acclaimed Battle Royale style game Standout VR. Now, entering Early Access is War Dust, which appears to be gunning for the crown of the first Battlefield style game in VR. The key for this game is you can be a foot soldier on the ground, or you can operate one of many varied military vehicles. From ATV's and tanks on the surface, to helicopters and F-15's in the sky. It's a free-for-all battle, and you'll need will and persistence to survive the onslaught. War Dust is a New Scale for competitive VR gaming.

Review Coming Soon

War Dust by raptor-lab for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
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