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Release Date - 12/12/19

Discover the dreams, fears and experiences of other people - and leave your own for others to find. In this award-winning social experience, sleeping creatures float toward you, awakened by a gentle touch to reveal the voice messages of others who have previously visited. These unscripted and anonymous stories reveal and inspire, encouraging you to share your own for others to discover. Visually beautiful and wholly transformative, Where Thoughts Go: thematically explores the course of a lifetime through light, environmental design and five simple questions. The voice recordings you hear are unique and unidentifiable, left by individuals from every walk of life, every age and every background. Participants have no way to discern who they are hearing from, only how considerate and sensitive each and every person is.

Review Coming Soon

Where Thoughts Go by Lucas Rizzotto for the Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest platforms
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