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Wilson's Heart by Twisted Pixel logo
Release Date - 4/25/17

Wilson's Heart is not what it first appears to be. At first,  you might think it's some kind of First Person horror game with lots of fast action. Well, you'll probably be a bit disappointed to find out it's more of a puzzle game, than fast action. One could even consider it a modern day point and click game, jazzed up for Virtual Reality. You travel around an abandoned, haunted hospital, from node to node, interacting with various objects, and trying to further your way along the mystery. Once you come to grips with the kind of game Wilson's Heart really is, you can kick back and enjoy what Twisted Pixel has delivered to the Oculus Rift platform. They've done an outstanding job of providing incredible atmosphere and high-end production values throughout this horror/thriller.

Rating - 89

Wilson's Heart by Twisted Pixel for the Oculus Rift
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