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Release Date - 3/28/18

The 97 score that you see over there is the single highest review score VR Game Rankings has awarded to any game so far. There's a very good reason for this. We honestly feel like this is the single most impressive VR game on any platform. Playing Wipeout VR makes us feel like we're literally about 10 years into the future. It's like when you're having one of those dreams where you're playing some never before seen videogame system, experiencing something so far beyond what's currently available. Only, this isn't a dream. This is really happening. Sony has actually delivered the first true killer app of VR gaming. The only thing holding this game back is the fact that racing games don't appeal to everybody. Futuristic racing games might not even appeal to certain regular racing game fans. Such a terrible shame that so many will fail to experience this absolute triumph.

Rating - 97

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