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Release Date - 6/23/17

I remember the very first time I played Xortex 26XX from The Lab. When I took the headset off, I couldn't help but imagine how many other developers were going to see this idea, and run with it. Valve showed that controlling a spaceship from the 3rd person perspective, while battling other ships as the action completely surrounds you, can be a breathtaking experience. Surely other companies would pounce on this idea and we would have a flood of Xortex clones, right? Truth is, that hasn't really happened. Still, it appears that maybe Zenz VR, the developers of HordeZ, could see the potential, and Xion is their first attempt at trying to create an awesome shmup style game in VR.

Review Coming Soon

Xion by Zenz VR for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
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