Developer tweet suggests Ultrawings is definitely coming to PSVR!

A recent tweet by developer Bit Planet Games would suggest that Ultrawings is indeed coming to PlayStation VR after all. There have been a number of rumors suggesting that Ultrawings would be announced as coming to PSVR shortly after e3. However, e3 was pretty well in the rear-view mirror, yet we still hadn't heard a peep about the game. We still don't know exactly how soon Ultrawings is coming, and the screenshot above is likely taken from the Oculus version of the new racing mode. Still, this is another example of a PC VR game being ported over to PSVR to take advantage of the large and hungry user base. PC VR games can find new and successful life on PSVR. The game itself, definitely has

Just In Time Incorporated coming to HTC Vive on July 27th

Second Wind Interactive is bringing a new game to the HTC Vive on July 27th. The game is called Just in Time Incorporated. In the game, you take on the role of an insurance agent. Sounds super exciting right? Well, here's the catch, you're a "Death Prevention Specialist". Clients take out insurance to protect against accidental (and often hilarious) death, and it's your job to save these bumbling citizens. You're well equipped for the job, because you have your trusty Hyper-Gloves, which gives you special abilities that you'll need to perform your duties. You can move around with super speed like the Flash, even catching bullets in mid-air. The game has a cartoonish art style, with the huma

Xion is a 90's style shmup from the makers of HordeZ

It never ceases to amaze me how interesting VR games can just come out of the woodwork with very little fanfare or warning. Zenz VR, the developers of HordeZ released Xion into Early Access on June 23rd. Xion's Early Access price is $14.99, but the game is 40 percent off till July 5th. You can pick up this interesting looking 90's style shmup for $8.99. It appears you control your ship with a single motion controller, similar to Xortex. Not sure if the other controller is used for anything. Your ship almost looks like it was made from Lego's or Megablocks or some type of plastic construction set. You're flying over terrain that has that Minecraft aesthetic to it. It definitely has a lot of

Releases of Super HOT and Radial-G are both imminent for PSVR

The developer of Radial-G Racing Revolved just tweeted out the image you see above not too long ago. We knew the game was coming soon, but now it would seem that we are on the cusp of release. Meanwhile, Super HOT was recently rated by PEGI, which could be an indication that it's release is imminent as well. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Super HOT arrives in time for 4th of July.

New rhythm game Airtone ranks 45th overall on Vive and 61st on Oculus!

There must be something special about Airtone. A new rhythm game from developer historia and publisher AMG Games. This game has only been available a few weeks and already it's ranked on both platforms Top 100 charts. Very impressive! The game actually entered the HTC Vive Top 50 at 45 overall, in the most up to date rankings released Tuesday. Airtone is certainly similar enough to Audioshield and Soundboxing, but it definitely has it's own special vibe. Fans of Japanese developed rhythm games from the arcades should maybe give this game a hard look. It's not cheap, it costs $30, and it's not involved with the Steam or Oculus sales at the moment. Regardless, word has spread, and spread quic

Dead Effect 2 is the best VR game you've never heard of

While everybody is going nuts, buying up all kinds of VR games on deep discount in the Steam or Oculus sales, there remains a game with no discount whatsoever. The game is called Dead Effect 2, and it might be a better overall value than many of the so called bargains you're scooping up. BadFly Interactive has come almost literally out of nowhere, to deliver one of the best VR games we've seen this year. To say they killed it with this game is a mild understatement. I personally feel that Arizona Sunshine and Doom 3 BFG are two of the best VR games we have right now. Both Top 5 type VR games. Yet, here is a game, Dead Effect 2, that shares many of the same qualities. It's resemblance to Doom

The Wizards by Carbon Studio coming July 28th

The Wizards is an upcoming spell casting game from Carbon Studios for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. We heard awhile back that the game could arrive in June or July, but now we have a solid release date to go by. The game will hit Steam (and probably Oculus Store) on July 28th for $24.99. The Wizards is Carbon Studio's 2nd VR offering. Carbon released Alice VR last October. Alice VR, while an interesting game in it's own right, didn't exactly set the VR gaming industry on fire. In fact, if anything, I think most would look back on Alice VR as a somewhat disappointing offering. Should Vive and Rift gamers get excited for this new fantasy game? Is July 28th a day we should mark on our calendar

Sales are contagious! Sony joins the party with PlayStation VR game discounts!

First we had the Oculus Summer Sale, then we had the Steam Summer Sale, and now Sony is getting in on the act as well. They have recently discounted a ton of their digital downloads on the USA version of PSN. Pictured above is PlayStation VR Worlds, a game that has held firm to it's $39.99 price for a very long time. Finally, those that have been holding out can rejoice, because you can have this super high quality PSVR game for a mere 18 bucks. (14 bucks if you have Plus!) I still remember playing through the action sequence in London Heist. Easily one of the more powerful and impressive demonstrations of VR that I've seen so far. This game is a great value at only $18. Bound, a game that

Front Defense available today on Viveport!

Front Defense VR, by Fantahorn Studio, is finally available, but you can only get it on Viveport at the moment. A Steam version of the game is not available right now. You can purchase the game outright for $19.99, or get the game free, via the Viveport subscription (assuming you still have a slot left). One word of caution about Viveport, while the service sounds extremely promising, users have complained that the software once installed onto their computers has given them issues. The software is known to be somewhat buggy, and something of a resource hog. Still, others have reported that Viveport has run perfectly smooth on their systems, and that they haven't had any problems whatsoever

Did PSVR gamers expect Vertigo Games to pull off a miracle with Arizona Sunshine?

One thing that really stood out to me about our recent Most Wanted PSVR rankings update, was just how high Arizona Sunshine shot up the charts. The game catapulted to No.5 overall, from it's previously modest ranking. It moved ahead of games like Moss, Bravo Team, The Persistence and Theseus. Upon first seeing the results, I started thinking to myself, "I wonder if these PSVR gamers know what they're in for with this version?" Could it be possible, that PlayStation VR owners expected they were going to get about 90 percent of the experience that was drawing rave reviews on PC VR platforms? Arizona Sunshine is indeed one of the most respected early VR games on the PC side of things, but we

Why aren't PlayStation VR owners excited for Star Child?

We recently conducted a poll of PlayStation VR owners on Reddit. Well over 80 PSVR owners participated. The query was simple. What are your most wanted PSVR games? Which games are you most excited for, in order? We got a great response. A lot could be learned from all the various Top 10 and Top 20 lists that gamers submitted. Certain games that we weren't quite expecting, shot up the ranks. Other games, plummeted. One of the games that fell from grace was Star Child, being developed by Playful, and published by Gametrust. This game fell from No.9 overall, all the way to No. 23. If you look at the PSVR Top 20 Most Wanted, you won't even find the game. It fell off the Top 20 entirely. Immediat

Smashbox Arena, our 5th ranked VR multiplayer game, is currently half off!

Smashbox Arena, by Big Box VR is currently ranked as our 5th best Multiplayer VR game. The game got a great review from us, with a score of 90, and is currently featured as one of the better games available on discount during the Steam Summer sale. The game is normally priced $19.99 , but is currently half-off for $9.99. If you've been looking for a high quality multiplayer experience, but don't want to break the bank, this one is a good pick.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - Ranked 22nd on the The Hot 100 is only 5 bucks right now!

Just a reminder folks that the Steam Summer Sale is currently in action, and one of the highest ranked VR games on our charts is presently enjoying a healthy discount. Steel Crate Games awesome puzzle / thriller game can be yours for the low, low price of only $4.94. That puts it at 67 percent off it's normal retail price, so this is a great chance to pick this one up, if you're never gotten around to trying the game out. If you do pick up this game, you'll want to print out the 23 page Bomb defusion manual, instead of using a second screen. Use a three hole puncher, and put the manual in a binder. Trust me, the game is much more enjoyable this way. Also, ideally have several people outside

GORN coming to Early Access on July 10th!

GORN is officially coming to Steam Early Access on July 10th. The developer of the game is Free Lives, and Devolver Digital will be handling the publishing. Free Lives, previously developed Broforce and Genital Jousting. There isn't an official word on pricing yet, but it's rumored to have a regular price of $19.99, with an introductory launch price of around $15. We've already been ranking GORN in the Top 100 HTC Vive games list, in fact, right now it's ranked at No. 21 overall. How could we possibly rank a game that isn't even released yet ? That's a good question actually. We've basically made a special exception for GORN, simply because we keep seeing it on Top 20 list after Top 20 list.

What is the retail reality for Valve's Knuckles controller?

Go to any major VR website or gaming forum and you'll see plenty of recent discussion regarding Valve's new Knuckles controller. Knuckles Dev kits, including prototypes of the controller itself, are being sent to 3rd party developers. Some developers have already received these prototypes, and are demonstrating some amazing things with the revolutionary new device. For example, Zulubo Productions, creator of the game Vertigo, has recently posted a video on YouTube showing some amazing tricks the controller is capable of. Despite all this renewed excitement about the upcoming peripheral, I can't help but think of the bigger picture. How exactly is this product going to come to market ? What

PSVR Most Wanted Rankings - Big Post e3 Update!

We recently held a contest on the PSVR subreddit, giving away game keys for Rez Infinite (Special Thanks to Enhance Games). The only entry rule we had for this contest, was that everybody had to submit their most wanted PSVR games ranking. Now, you have to understand, that the PSVR subreddit is a very passionate bunch. These guys (and gals) are mostly hardcore PSVR gamers that really know their stuff inside and out. We got a ton of data from these guys. We tabulated everything up, and came up with some final results. Some of it was quite shocking actually... I was more than a little surprised by some games that jumped up the list, and other games that took a precipitous fall down the charts.

Space Junkies coming to Rift and Vive in 2018 from Ubisoft Montpellier

Announced outside of Ubisoft's e3 conference is another VR title coming from Ubisoft Montpellier. The game is called Space Junkies. It's an Arena Shooter, basically, but either 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2. You have to do battle with different levels of gravity affecting you, very similar to Lone Echo.

Gunheart coming to both Vive and Rift this Summer!

Drifter Entertainment is a new Seattle based VR studio that features former members of Epic Games and Microsoft's Hololens and Kinect research teams. Gunheart is their first VR game and it's coming to Rift and Vive this Summer and PSVR a wee bit later.

Arktika.1 is No.1 on the Oculus Most Wanted Charts

Because Fallout 4 VR is "technically" not coming to the Oculus Rift, we don't include the game on the Oculus Most Wanted rankings. (We know Oculus gamers will find a way to play it, but that's besides the point). Instead, Arktika.1, holds down the No.1 spot on Oculus Most Wanted. 4A Games seems to be pushing the graphical limits of what is possible with VR. It's almost as if Oculus specifically told them to try to push the graphics as much as humanly possible.

Survios brings Raw Data to to PlayStation VR this September!

PlayStation VR owners seem to be the luckiest dogs at the moment. First was the announcement that Doom VFR was coming to PSVR. Now the news hits that Raw Data is coming to PSVR in September! It's seems that the biggest PC VR games are slowly starting to make their way over to Sony's HMD. Arizona Sunshine, another top selling PC VR game is coming in July. Of course, whenever we think about these PC to PSVR translations, we wonder what is going to get lost in the process ? In the case of Arizona Sunshine, it just seems like lower rez textures and less enemies on screen. We'll have to see how Raw Data fares in the crossover.

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