Gunheart is now available for $34.99 on Steam!

Gunheart, the new Co-Op shooter from Drifter Entertainment, has released on Steam with little advance warning. The game is currently available for $34.99. We expect the game to hit the Oculus Store very soon as well. This game has been one of the more hyped upcoming VR games, with it's impressive pedigree of developers that have worked on some very interesting projects, including Robo Recall and Microsoft Hololens. While we certainly don't need any more wave shooters, it does appear to be one of the more graphically impressive wave shooters we've seen thus far. Also, Co-Op play is a huge component of this game, something not every wave shooter features. The $34.99 price is definitely aggress

MiYUBi by Felix & Paul Studios proves that 360 VR video can be amazing!

Felix and Paul Studios, a Montreal based cinematic VR production house, has delivered quite possibly the best 360 VR video we've seen thus far. This new 360 video experience is called "MiYUBi", and is currently available for download for the Gear VR and Oculus Rift platforms. MiYUBi made it's original debut, back at the Sundance Film Festival, where it was extremely well received. Now, the rest of us can get a chance to try it out. Unfortunately, many VR enthusiasts have already written off the 360 video medium as something that isn't worth their time or attention. It's unfortunate, because while 360 videos up to this point have been mostly mediocre at best, MiYUBi is trying to break the mol

Paranormal Activity coming to PSVR on August 15th

It's been revealed that Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is coming to PlayStation VR on August 15th. There have been plenty of rumors post e3 that Paranormal was headed to PSVR, but now we've got legit confirmation, along with a locked in release date. The Vive version of Paranormal Activity was released back on March 14th, and upon release there was some minor controversy surrounding performance issues with the game. If you had a really beefy gaming PC, you we're probably fine, but anybody without a super powered rig was pretty much boned. I know from first hand experience. I got Paranormal Activity at launch, and have never really been able to play the game. I probably would have refund

Just In Time Incorporated is a short, but fun puzzle game with whimsical flair!

Just In Time Incorporated by Second Wind Interactive is currently available for sale on Steam for the the introductory price of $17.99. The game will have a standard price of $19.99 when the launch promotion ends on August 3rd. The game itself is an interesting combination of a several gameplay styles. At it's heart, it's a puzzle game, in which you have to figure out a solution to each of 13 different scenarios. You've just been hired by Just In Time Incorporated as one of their "Death Prevention Specialists". You're essentially an insurance agent, for a company that specializes in protecting it's clients from unforeseen calamities. These people are paying good money, to make sure that the

Is REBOANT: Rise of the Nuhort a legit AAA HTC Vive game?

Lots of buzz has been swirling around a new HTC Vive game that was shown off at ChinaJoy this week. You might remember that quite a few PlayStation VR games have premiered at ChinaJoy both last year and this year, but a new HTC Vive game has also been generating a lot of excitement. The game is called REBOANT: Rise of the Nuhort. The game is being developed by Dark Lord, a Chinese developer. A new trailer has been released that shows off a very graphically intense Sci-Fi shooter game. Apparently, HTC has been bragging at ChinaJoy about having a legit AAA type game coming to the HTC Vive, in REBOANT. It's being demonstrated at HTC Vive's booth at the show, and was initially mistaken to be pr

Sparc coming on August 29th to PlayStation VR

Morgan Godot, Executive Producer at CCP Games Atlanta announced on the PlayStation blog today that Sparc would officially arrive on PlayStation VR on Tuesday August 29th. We've been following Sparc for quite awhile here at VR Game Rankings, and we're pleasantly surprised that the game is coming so soon. We previously expected Sparc to be a 4th quarter release for PSVR, with the Vive / Rift versions arriving in early 2018. This could be an encouraging sign for PC VR players that they might not have to wait that long to get their hands on Sparc. We've seen so many different racket / pong type VR games already, and this is another one to add to the growing list. The thing thats different about

Impressive On-Rails shooter Archangel coming to Rift and Vive on August 2nd!

We're currently playing through the PSVR version of Archangel right now, and we don't have a review of the game ready quite yet, but we're thoroughly impressed with what we've experienced so far. Some may write this game off because of it's on-rails nature, but I think that could be a big mistake. Skydance Interactive isn't playing around. They really went for the gusto with this game, and in certain ways they've achieved what they've set out to do. In around 8 or so days, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners will have a chance to pick this game up, and see for themselves if it's worthy of it's $40 price tag. (actually we're assuming it will be $40 on Steam and Oculus, but we don't know for sure

Review in Progress: Tiny Trax is an absolute visual feast!

So, first off, I'd like to mention that this is a review in progress. VR Game Rankings likes to take our sweet time playing games, to make sure we give each game it's proper due. This often means we'll be a bit later than most with our review scores, but we're looking at things with a more long term perspective. So, what are my first impressions of Tiny Trax? Well, I can tell you that this might be the most colorful game I've ever played in my life. Seriously, color is absolutely bursting off the screen, everywhere you look. So many games go for a more realistic look, with realistic color tones, and you just don't see the blue skies and the green grass like you did back in the good ole days.

Echo Arena has a serious Matchmaking problem

Echo Arena is clearly one of the best multiplayer games that VR gaming has yet seen. There is zero question about that. However, the game has an extremely troubling issue, that could keep it from being the mainstream hit that it really deserves to be. The problem is matchmaking. I'm not sure what type of matchmaking system the game is using, but whatever it is, it needs to be revamped. I was playing the game yesterday, and had some of the strangest feelings I've ever had in my long gaming life. At first, I was playing with two other players, and we were absolutely getting SMOKED by the other team. The score was 24 to 0 at one point. The other team was toying with us like we were children. Im

PSVR Last 90 Day's Chart updated - Big games depart, big games arrive

We just updated the PlayStation VR, Best Games of the Last 90 Days ranking, and some heavy hitters fell off the list. 90 days ago would bring us to April 26th, so we can only consider games released on that date or later. Statik, our 3rd ranked game on this list was released back on April 24th, so it goes bye-bye. Starblood Arena, ranked 4th, gets removed from the list because it released on April 11th. Mortal Blitz, VR Invaders and Herocade all got ejected from the list as well. So, with all these significant games departing the list, what was going to replace all of those games? Well, luckily, PSVR has had a flurry of big time releases recently. Super HOT explodes onto the list with the No

Lone Echo explores the uncanny valley and gives us our first true glimpse of an interactive movie

First off, I just want to be clear and say that these are my first impressions after playing maybe 1/3rd of the way through the space odyssey known as Lone Echo. My opinions could change as I complete the experience and possibly revisit it over the coming months. Still, I have to say that what I've experienced up to this point has been powerful and engrossing. Ready At Dawn was extremely ambitious in what they wanted to do with their first big VR game. What they've ultimately created is less a game, and more an interactive cinematic experience. It's interesting that Ready At Dawn took this approach, because the title won't appeal to everybody. There is a certain segment of gamer that could f

Netflix demos Stranger Things VR experience at San Diego Comic Con

At San Diego Comic Con, Netflix unveiled a brand new VR experience for the popular show Stranger Things. Those of us that remember back to the first VR experience for the Netflix Original can remember how lackluster that first 360 video was. This one seems much more exciting, because CBS Digital created a specially designed roomscale version that is legitimately impressive. In fact, at Comic Con, a recreation of Will Byers living room, along wtih props was made up so that showgoers could get an even more immersive experience when they try it out first hand. Unfortunately, the only place you can get this experience right now is to attend Comic Con and wait in line yourself, but the hope is th

Sony's newest killer app is SUPER HOT!

Wow!... I just tried the PSVR version of Super HOT, and I'm convinced this is going to be the newest killer app for the system! Before I get too crazy with praise for this, I have to say that this is just my first initial impressions of playing the PlayStation VR version. Still, I feel like this is going to be right up there with Resident Evil 7 and Farpoint as the biggest PSVR games available. I'm thrilled that the port seems to have made it through with flying colors. I'm playing on a PS4 Pro, so not sure how much of that is factoring into the equation, but from what I've seen, about 90 percent of the Rift / Vive version has made it through unscathed. That other 10 percent is for some min

Ultrawings available on Steam today for $24.99!

With little advance warning, Ultrawings shows up on Steam for $24.99. Bit Planet Games of course brought Ultrawings to the Oculus Rift back on February 21st. More recently, Ultrawings was in the news as being rumored to be coming to PlayStation VR. Then a tweet by Bit Planet Games confirmed it was indeed coming to PlayStation VR. We just didn't know when. Well, now, all of a sudden, we get the Steam version of the game, so Vive owners can grab it natively for the first time. Oculus owners that have been tepid about buying it previously, might pick this up now, knowing they have a return option if they don't find it to their liking. It will be curious to see if Vive owners accept the game wit

EndSpace is coming September 19th to PlayStation VR!

Endspace, known as one of the better Gear VR titles, is coming to both the PlayStation VR, as well as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. First up, is the PSVR version, which will be landing on September 19th for $19.99. The gameplay looks very similar to EVE: Valkyrie, or possibly the Call of Duty Jackal Assault VR demo. Cockpit space shooters are likely to be a very popular category in VR gaming, just because they translate to the medium so well. The cockpit works great to combat the nausea, and it's a perfect option for gamers looking for a more relaxed VR gaming session. Sometimes you just want to kick back, rather than standing up, flailing your arms about. Seated controller based experiences

The rumors were true, Obduction heading to PlayStation VR on August 29th!

It had long been rumored that an official announcement about Obduction coming to PlayStation VR was just around the corner. Well, today it was revealed by Cyan that their Myst-like adventure game would be coming to the PlayStation platform on August 29th. You can play the game in normal flat mode, or use it in VR mode with your PSVR. The game will obviously need to work on a regular PS4 system, but it will be curious to see if the PS4 Pro version will include some improvements. When I first heard the rumor that Obduction was coming to PSVR, I thought to myself, "Really? That game hardly runs well on a Vive or Rift". I thought the same thing about Arizona Sunshine and another game rumored to

Archangel is now available for PlayStation VR - priced at $39.99

The deluge of new games arriving for PlayStation VR continues. So many games are coming in the month of July to Sony's new platform. One of the biggest releases of course is Archangel by Skydance Interactive. The new on-rails mech game is available for Sony players starting today, but will also arrive on Rift and Vive in the coming weeks. PlayStation VR owners will get an early peek at this game ahead of their PC VR brethren. The price is $39.99, which did cause a bit of sticker shock among some in the PSVR community. Many times, we're waiting until the actual release date to find out the prices of some of these games, and it might be better to get the word out ahead of time, setting more r

Marvel Powers United VR announced for Oculus Rift!

So that really big announcement that Jason Rubin was hinting about... yeah, that of course turned out to be Marvel Powers United VR, which was unveiled at Disney’s D23 expo in the Anaheim Convention Center. Oculus is combining forces with Disney and Marvel, and they've got Sanzaru Games developing the project. You might remember, that Sanzaru Games has already made two games for Oculus. The first game of course was Ripcoil, but then they followed that up with VR Sports Challenge. So, Sanzaru Games has had quite a bit of experience developing VR games and also working with Oculus. Their third foray into VR is a monster game that could have major implications for the VR industry in general. We

Smashbox Arena heading to PlayStation VR on July 25th!

The best Oculus Rift and HTC Vive games keep making their way to PlayStation VR. Smashbox Arena, one of the most popular multiplayer VR games out there, is coming to the platform on July 25th. This game is being ported by Archiact, in collaboration with Big Box VR. Smashbox Arena puts players into a shootout battle of team versus team, power-up versus power-up. The game includes both single player and multiplayer options. My biggest question with this game being brought over to PSVR is exactly how the tracking will work. PSVR just has the one camera, and you really need to keep your Move controllers within the camera's cone of vision for your tracking to work properly. Certainly, the PSVR v

Oculus announces new box and permanent price drop to $499 (when current sale ends)

Oculus announced today that once the Summer of Rift sale has concluded, the price will move to $499.99 permanently, instead of the $599.99 price the system had a week or so ago. In addition to this, they also announced that a new box would be arriving in retail channels and online soon. Brendan Iribe said that sales of the Rift have been so brisk since Monday, that current supplies of the existing box and Touch are running out. Replacing the split packaging, comes a new retail box that includes both the headset with two Touch controllers and two Oculus sensors. In the long run, this new packaging will probably help Oculus keep their shipping costs down a bit, and also avoid customers gettin

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