Supermassive's The Inpatient dated for November 22nd!

Simon Harris, executive producer at Supermassive Games announced today that The Inpatient would be arriving on November 22nd. This is tremendously exciting news for all PlayStation VR ownres, as Supermassive Games is the developer behind two of the very best PSVR games available. Both Tumble VR and Rush of Blood were developed by the studio. Both games are fantastic, but Until Dawn: Rush of Blood has distinguished itself as one of the truly elite PSVR games of 2016. The Inpatient is the next game from the studio, and to say that anticipation is at an all time high, would be an understatement. Anyone lucky enough to partake in the horror experiment called Rush of Blood, will surely be looking

Halo VR coming to Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Holy Smokes!

Today, a number of bombshells were dropped on the VR gaming industry by Microsoft. The biggest bombshell, is the fact that all these upcoming Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets are going to be compatible with Steam VR. This is absolutely massive news for the VR industry in general, but we'll have more on that later. First, let's get to a tiny tidbit that was included in with all this information. When Microsoft announced this extremely interesting news, they also of course had announcements about games and experiences coming to their own Windows store. An image was revealed that displayed a bunch of game logos and studio logos. We saw logos for Arizona Sunshine, Super HOT and Fantastic Contrap

Oh Noes! Fallout 4 VR delayed till December 12th!

Today Bethesda revealed the release dates for their 3 big VR projects still slated to arrive this year. Fallout 4 VR, originally given the ambiguous release date of "October", is now going to arrive on December 12th of this year. Certainly, we didn't know exactly when in October the game was "supposed" to arrive, but even if it was on the final day of the month, we are looking at a 42 day delay for VR's savior. If Fallout 4 VR was scheduled to arrive on October 1st, it would be a 72 day delay for the Great American VR hope... In other news, two other minor VR games got dated as well. (ok, maybe not minor, but I'm all Fallout... all the time!) Doom VFR is coming December 1st (for both PSVR a

HTC Vive drops price to $599, keeping it competitive with Oculus Rift

HTC announced a two hundred dollar price drop for their Vive VR package. You can now grab yourself a HTC Vive setup for the low, low price of $599. Ok, so, maybe in light of Oculus' recent price drop, this doesn't seem like a huge deal, but we have to remember that the Rift sale will eventually come to an end, and the price will rise to $499.99. At that point, the Vive will only cost an extra $100, which isn't necessarily chump change, but you do have to remember that the Rift really needs a 3rd sensor to match the Vive beat for beat. So, when you start to factor in the 3rd sensor, the price parity becomes much more reasonable. (an argument of course could be made that Vive owners really ne

The Soulkeeper VR is out now, and very beautiful, but....

The Soulkeeper VR, a game that has been ranked quite high on the Most Wanted rankings is now available in Early Access on Steam. The game has a standard price of $39.99, but is currently being sold for a 13 percent discount, at $34.79. Now, this game, like many other VR games is Early Access. However, it must be stressed that not all Early Access games are in the same state of development. Some, are extremely early... And quite possibly a bit janky. The Soulkeeper VR appears to be in this particular camp. It's a buyer's beware type camp. I tried to play the game myself, but it's absolute Stutter City for me. Now, full disclosure, I don't have a beastly gaming PC. In fact, I'm probably on the

Kin, a new VR platformer, comes to the Oculus Rift later this year!

House of Secrets, the developer of one of VR Game Ranking's favorite VR experiences, SURGE, is coming out with an action-platforming game in VR called "KIN". The game is headed to both the Oculus Rift and the Gear VR, later this year. The game is described as a puzzle platformer, in which you control a tiny, mysterious girl with big hair and a bright dress. You move her along, through an alien landscape on a distant planet, leaping from platform to platform, solving puzzles and defeating enemies. A short trailer was released today showing maybe a brief glimpse of the platforming gameplay, as it transitioned into the title screen reveal: We really didn't get very much information out of this

Killing Floor: Incursion - What Nightmares are Made Of (First Impressions)

Besides working for VR Game Rankings, I also moonlight with the VR Roundtable podcast. VR Roundtable received review code for Killing Floor: Incursion, ahead of it's August 16th release date, courtesy of Tripwire Interactive and Oculus. You can check out VR Roundtable's early YouTube let's play right here. We've all had a chance to try out Killing Floor: Incursion, but we're extremely early in the game at this point. So, unfortunately no definitive takes on the game quite yet. However, even in my short time with the game, I've come away with some very strong feelings about it. The first thing you need to know about the game, is that it's very intense. I know that the word "visceral" is such

Megaton Rainfall doth exist....and it looks Badass!

Yes, it's still alive! There were a few rumors swirling at one point that Megaton Rainfall was no longer in development. Turns out, those rumors were completely bogus. Not only does Megaton Rainfall exist, but it's headed to PlayStation VR in the very near future. The superhero game that almost looks too good to be true, will be hitting PSVR on September 26th. Even more good news, is the fact that HTC Vive and Oculus Rift owners should be able to get in on the act a little later in the year. Megaton Rainfall is also coming to Steam. For quite some time, Megaton Rainfall was one of the most anticipated PSVR games. It was originally shown off at the 2016 e3 show, in a montage of various PSVR g

Rez Infinite now available on Steam and Oculus store!

Well, this came out of nowhere. We're just going to have to get used to the fact that prime-time VR games can just show up, out of the blue, with zero warning. Rez Infinite, one of the more celebrated games of the PSVR platform, has now arrived on Steam and the Oculus store. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift owners alike can share in the joy that PSVR players have known about for a long time. You can grab the game for $19.99 right now, thanks to a 20 percent launch discount, but on August 16th, the price will bump up slightly to $24.99. (Oculus store price is $19.99, not sure if it will go higher as well) I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed the PSVR version of this game. I was late to the party in pl

Raw Data takes the No.1 spot in brand new HTC Vive rankings!

We recently held a giveaway on Reddit, where we handed out 7 codes to four VR games. HTC Vive gamers had the chance to win a code for Dead Effect 2, VINDICTA, Cosmic Trip or Drunkn Bar Fight. (Special Thanks to BadFly Interactive, Game Cooks, Funktronic Labs and The Munky) In order to enter the contest, Vive gamers had to rank at least 5 HTC Vive games in order. We got a tremendous amount of participation from the Vive community. Well over 200 different Vive gamers gave their most up to date rankings. We combined this information, along with submissions that we had received on the website since the last ranking, to make a brand new HTC Vive Top 100 Games ranking. The results for this rankin

Killing Floor: Incursion dated for August 16th!

Well, the great VR game avalanche known as the Summer of 2017 continues with full steam! Tripwire Interactive's highly anticipated Oculus Rift game, Killing Floor: Incursion now has a locked-in release date of August 16th. We've known about this game for a very long time, but it kinda disappeared off the map for what seemed like months. Of course, even though the game had dropped off our radar briefly, Tripwire Interactive has been slaving away on the title, trying to make the best VR game they possibly can. In only 13 days, Oculus Rift owners (and Revivers) will get their grubby little hands on the title and see for themselves. The Oculus Store is offering a 10 percent discount on the game

Vindicta's price slashed! Now only $14.99 for one of the best VR games of recent months!

I truly feel that Vindicta is one of the most underrated VR games I've seen in quite some time. This was my favorite overall VR game for a handful of weeks, I just couldn't stop playing it. Every time I decided to play some VR, I had to get in a quick session of Vindicta before I did anything else. I don't play the game as much anymore, but it's not because I wasn't having a blast with the game. It's because I've been buried in an avalanche of new game releases. When you write reviews and previews for a VR gaming website, it's always on to the next game. Still, I had to at least write a short article about Vindicta's new price drop. My only complaint about the game originally, was that I tho

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