Do we finally have a good American Football game in VR? YES WE DO!

Two of the biggest loves of my life are video gaming and football. During the NFL season, I'm hard to find on Sundays, because I'm soaking in the glory of all the football games going on throughout the day. Every other day of the week, I'm totally enveloped in my video gaming pursuits. With the arrival of Virtual Reality, of course I pondered how a football game might work in VR. My first taste was with VR Sports Challenge on the Oculus Rift. VR Sports Challenge by Sanzaru games, features a Football mini game, where you're placed in the shoes of the teams backup quarterback, trying to salvage the game for the old ballcoach. It's a very fun and enjoyable mini game, but it's resemblance to rea

The Gallery 2 - Heart of the Emberstone dated for October 18th!

Well, it's official. The Gallery: Episode 2 - Heart of the Emberstone has seen a slight delay to October 18th. Honestly, I'm not sure why Cloudhead Games feels the need to apologize for taking more time with the game, they can take as long as they need, because we know that we're likely to end up with an engrossing adventure that will put us in another time and another place. The first game just had so much atmosphere, and remember, it was a launch title. Somebody may have came to The Gallery 1 only very recently, and thought, "What's all the hub-bub about?" But if you played it back at the Vive launch, you know just how special it truly was. It was our first brief taste of what a more tripl

Dimension Hunter by Pocket Money Games is the most pure VR fun since Super HOT!

Dimension Hunter by Pocket Money Games, is finally officially available as of September 25th. It's on sale for a mere $11.39 after a 40 percent launch discount. At such a price, it could be grand larceny... for the CONSUMER. Yep, this game is pretty damn enjoyable, and for under $12, it's pretty much a no-brainer. Pocket Money Games may have taken their sweet time finally getting this thing onto Steam, but it was well worth the wait. In this day and age of Screen Door Effect, and Pixel Density this, and Pixel Clarity that.. at a certain point, we have to come back to the thing that brought us here in the first damn place. FUN! Dimension Hunter just seems to have nailed that Fun Factor aspect

Raw Data coming to PlayStation VR on October 10th!

Previously, we had reported that Survios top rated VR game Raw Data, would be heading to PlayStation VR in September. Well, it's already September 21st, so where the heck is Raw Data? We're quickly running out of days in September for this big VR release to arrive. Well, today Survios has announced that the game has a locked in release date of October 10th. Sure, it might be a week or two later than we expected, but it's definitely better late than never for PSVR players. Raw Data is clearly one of the better VR games on offer for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. In our most recent HTC Vive Top 100 rankings, Raw Data took the No.1 overall spot, which is a testament to how popular the game

Paw Print Games is channeling Streets of Rage for their high-impact VR brawler!

So, we will have a mini-review very soon for Bloody Zombies, but I had to do a quick blog post on this game, because I'm so impressed with what Paw Print Games and nDreams have delivered. If you've ever been a fan of the Streets of Rage series by Sega, or the Final Fight series by Capcom, then you're in luck. Bloody Zombies at a mere $15 provides some extremely polished beat-em-up action for all 3 of the major VR platforms. When I first hopped into the game, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. First of all, I wasn't too sure that I wanted to play this type of game in VR. I'm a big fan of both Streets of Rage and Final Fight from back in the early 90's, but I wasn't sure if this was the type

Is Duck Season a game, or an experience?

On Thursday of last week, Duck Season by Stress Level Zero arrived for Steam and the Oculus Store. Technically, Duck Season is billed as a video game, but one can certainly argue that it seems more of a deluxe experience rather than a game, per se. Of course, at the end of the day, what really matters most, is if the game/experience entertains those who fork over the necessary $19.99 entry fee. Stress Level Zero seems less concerned with labels and genres, and instead, is passionately focused on delivering a compelling VR experience. They certainly have delivered a heaping helping of nostalgia if nothing else. 80's themed nostalgic entertainment properties can't seem to get any hotter right

Is SPARC worth the $29.99 asking price? What about offline?

A few weeks ago, Sparc arrived for PlayStation VR, and one of the big questions that came with it's release, was, is the game really worth it's $29.99 price tag? Had Sparc been $19.99, it would've been given the benefit of the doubt, but another 10 bucks can sometimes make or break the value proposition. If you've got the money to blow, sure, spend it, and enjoy yourself. However, some of us have to pick and choose, and we try to budget our funds, because we're saving our pennies for stuff like Skyrim VR. We can't buy every single game that comes down the pipe. So the question remains... Is Sparc worth the 30 quid? Well, it depends... (Of course I was going to say that...) No seriously,

VR Game Rankings looking for up and coming VR journalists

We're currently looking for lead editors for each of the major VR platforms. We'd love nothing more than to have a specialist editor for each of the 3 major platforms currently out there. We'd love to have an Oculus Editor, HTC-Vive (Steam VR) Editor, and a PSVR Editor. We'd even love a Microsoft Mixed-Reality Editor as well. Or say AR or Gear VR. Honestly, if it's a game that you can play with VR or AR, we'd like to cover it. The problem is, we need some help. Unfortunately, I can't really offer up any riches or fame for these positions, at this current time. We need volunteers that would like to help out, just for the love of VR. Maybe you'd like to get some experience writing for a VR web

Theseus headed to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive later this Fall!

Theseus by Forge Reply Games hit the PlayStation VR platform this Summer, and received a relatively good reaction from critics and consumers alike. Now, Rift and Vive owners will get their chance to check out the incredibly atmospheric title. The game had been rumored to be coming to additional platforms later this year, but now it's official. "With the PC release of Theseus, we aim to expand our reach and to consolidate our presence in the VR scenario,” said Filippo Rizzante, CTO at Reply. “PC fans have expressed the desire to play the game since the original announcement, and we are glad that soon they will be able to do just that.” One question that I have regarding a PC VR release, is ho

Arktika.1, VR's graphical Tour De Force coming October 10th to the Oculus Rift!

Arktika.1 is easily my most anticipated Oculus Rift exclusive. In fact, if you look at our Top 20 Most Wanted Oculus Rift games ranking, you'll see that Arktika.1 is perched at the No.1 spot. No single game for the Rift is more anticipated. (Remember, Fallout 4 VR is technically a Vive game) I can't wait to get my hands on this graphical stunner. Luckily, my wait is much shorter than I would have imagined. Oculus today announced that Arktika.1 is currently scheduled for an October 10th arrival! Now, before we get too excited, the date isn't absolutely set in stone. The game is described as being "expected to be made available" on October 10th. VR games tend to come in real hot. We normally d

The Rumors were true! L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files coming November 14th to HTC Vive!

It wasn't that long ago, that we had an article talking about a rumor for a VR version of L.A. Noire. Turns out, where there is smoke, there is fire. There is indeed a VR game coming from Rockstar, using the L.A. Noire property, but the truth is a bit different from the original rumor. L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files is coming to the HTC Vive on November 14th. Originally, we heard it was a L.A. Noire, the full game, basically remastered in VR. Which is sorta what we're getting. However, it's not the full game. Instead, we get seven hand-picked case files from the first game, recreated with VR gaming in mind. It's disappointing we aren't getting the full game, but at the same time, this sound

TPCast preorders are now available via Microsoft! $299.99 for wireless HTC Vive solution

The TPCast wireless adapter that HTC Vive owners have been patiently waiting for, is finally up for pre-order in the USA. You can go to Microsoft's online store to pre-order the wireless adapter now. The official release date is September 25th, and the price is $299.99. While the price may be a wee bit higher than we were hoping for, the good news is, at least you get free shipping. The adapter will deliver up to 2K video resolution (2160 x 1200), with a transmission range of up to five meters. Just imagine playing a game that takes complete advantage of roomscale like Unseen Diplomacy! The game is absolutely fantastic for showing off the unique roomscale capabilities of HTC's Virtual Realit

MetaWorld VR begins Early Access on September 29th!

It's pretty much a given, that the human race is going to begin partaking in digital worlds of their own creation. In fact, a possible answer to the Fermi Paradox, is the idea that once a civilization gets advanced enough to create it's own realities, it then chooses to spend most of it's time playing around with it's own creation. That's why we feel so alone in this universe. Everybody else is playing some banging VR! Seriously though, here we go folks. Starting on September 29th, HelloVR will make the first legitimate attempt at seeing what something like a metaverse could look like. Sure, this may be the most prehistoric version of a metaverse that we will ever see, but MetaWorld is a m

Duck Season coming September 14th for both Oculus and Steam!

For the longest time, we've known that Duck Season was scheduled to be a 3rd Quarter release. The only problem was, the 3rd Quarter was starting to run out of time, and we hadn't heard anything about the game. Well, good news fellow gamers! Duck Season by Stress Level Zero is indeed going to make it's 3rd Quarter release after all. The game is coming to the Oculus Store and Steam on September 14th. Stress Level Zero, for those that don't know, are the makers of Hover Junkers. You can see it in the picture above. It looks as though the young lad is playing a NES. (Nintendo Entertainment System) He's playing a lightgun game with a Zapper-like controller, and it of course says Hover Junkers on

On October 17th, a new VR platform arrives, Mixed Reality headsets are coming!

It was announced today at IFA in Berlin, that the first Windows Mixed Reality headsets will start arriving for the general public on October 17th! This is when the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 becomes available. Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Hewlett-Packard and others are all bringing out Windows "Mixed Reality" headsets during this launch. Truthfully, the whole "Mixed Reality" term is more marketing speak than anything else. These are basically just normal VR headsets. What really makes this thing special however, is the fact that we have a major new player entering the game. This player is Microsoft, one of the most powerful technology companies in the world. Microsoft has recognized that Vi

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