The development studio behind London Heist is bringing Blood and Truth to PlayStation VR in 2018

One of the most underrated and underappreciated VR scenarios I've had the pleasure of enjoying, is the London Heist sequence from PlayStation VR Worlds. The very first time I played that portion of Sony's mini-game collection, I thought that I had been transported onto the set of a Guy Ritchie directed, London-based gangster flick. There are fleeting moments in that experience, where you really feel as though you're playing a starring role in a living, breathing cinematic production. I couldn't help but wonder what it might be like if London Studio had blown out London Heist into a full length, tour-de-force. Well, luckily for us, that's exactly what we're going to get sometime in 2018. On M

Triangular Pixels (Unseen Diplomacy) next game is a PlayStation VR exclusive!

Triangular Pixels, the makers of Unseen Diplomacy are putting the finishing touches on Smash Hit Plunder, a new exclusive game coming to the PlayStation VR. Now, we're not sure if this is a timed exclusive or what, as details are few and far between at the moment, but one thing we do know, is that the game is hitting the PSVR platform first, if nothing else. This is a somewhat surprising development, considering the pedigree of Triangular Pixels. Unseen Diplomacy is the poster child of what could be done with roomscale technology. The one thing PSVR can't emulate very well is roomscale. If you've played the shark cage scenario in PlayStation VR Worlds, you know that the system can do a very

Fast Travel Games is bringing Apex Construct to all major VR platforms in 2018!

An exciting new VR game was announced at Paris Games Week today for the Sony PlayStation VR platform. The game is called, "Apex Construct", and the developer is Fast Travel Games. The game will be arriving "first" on PSVR, but will later make it's way to the Vive, Rift and Microsoft Mixed-Reality headsets. Technically, we don't know for sure that this game is scheduled for a 2018 release, but considering we're mere days away from November, with no announced release date, I think it's pretty safe to assume that this is coming sometime next year. An announcement trailer debuted today as well, which you can check out below: Upon watching the debut trailer, I can't help but think of Enslaved by

Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab is one of the better free VR experiences available

Free VR experiences are a dime a dozen. That's one of the best things about owning a high-end VR headset. We pay through the nose for the hardware and accessories, but we're showered upon with free promotional experiences and demos. Unfortunately, most of them tend to be underwhelming and forgettable. Not so with Blade Runner 2049. This is one free experience that is well worth sampling. Earlier this year, Oculus announced that they had partnered with Alcon Interactive Group to bring a trio of Blade Runner experiences to their VR platforms. Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit, developed by Turtle Rock Studios, was first out the gate. A second Gear VR game is expected sometime this Fall. The

Haven't played Space Pirate Trainer in months? The polish on this game is simply fantastic!

If you're anything like me, you probably bought Space Pirate Trainer a long, long time ago. Back then, you played the living crap out of the game, but you probably haven't fired it up in many months. Well my friends, it's time to dust off your space blasters and get right back at it. The game has now officially left Early Access and is open for business. Space Pirate Trainer departed early access back on October 13th, but I didn't get around to trying out the finalized version until today. Holy Smokes! I had no idea what I've been missing. Developer I-Illusion has obviously been slaving away over the last 8 or 9 months, polishing this game to the fullest extent. If only all Early Access game

Outer Brain Studios has delivered a truly impressive Survival Horror game in Organ Quarter

Of all the weeks Outer Brain Studios could choose to release their labor of love, last week was probably not the most ideal scenario. Skyworld, Luna, The Talos Principle VR and Gallery Episode 2 all launched last week. Talk about a murderer's row of powerful releases. Most VR gamers had budgeted their money for Talos or Gallery 2. Maybe both. The problem is, after spending all that money, will they also have a 20 spot to throw at Organ Quarter? It would be truly unfortunate if Organ Quarter doesn't get some well deserved attention, despite all the other huge releases. I can say this, if you're even the slightest fan of survival horror or Silent Hill, you probably don't want to miss this game

Early Look at Gran Turismo Sport - Major VR disappointment

Today marked the release of Gran Turismo Sport for the PlayStation 4. Not the PlayStation VR, but the PlayStation 4. There's a difference. Yes, the game does have a VR mode. Unfortunately, the included VR support is so paper thin, that it appears to be little more than an afterthought. In fact, upon booting up the game, I was wondering how long it was going to take, for the game to even recognize that I had a PSVR headset turned on. Most PSVR games will automatically activate a VR mode if the headset is already powered up. With Gran Turismo Sport, you actually have to go into the menu and manually turn on the VR support. It's clear during every step of this process, that VR was way down Poly

Killing Floor: Incursion coming to the HTC Vive on November 7th!

Surprise, surprise! Killing Floor: Incursion, one of the better Oculus Rift exclusives is coming to Steam and the HTC Vive platform on November 7th! A Steam Page for the game surfaced today, announcing the arrival of one of the better horror/thriller games of the year to the most widely adopted PC gaming platform. The normal price on Steam will be $39.99, but there is an introductory 15 percent discount lowering the price to $33.99 if you preorder the game in advance. If you're an HTC Vive gamer that didn't grab the Oculus version of this game for use with Revive, you're in luck. First of all, this is easily one of the better VR releases of the year. Secondly, you'll have a native port to th

Raw Data's PSVR port is extremely impressive! One of the best games on the system!

Upon first firing up Raw Data on my PlayStation VR, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Surely this power-packed showpiece of a game wouldn't be able to make it over to PSVR fully intact. Well, there definitely has been some watering-down of the formula that has made Raw Data one of the very best VR games in existence, but I was literally blown away by how much of the game made the conversion unscathed. For the most part, this is Raw Data. I must admit that I'm playing this game on my PS4 Pro, so it's possible it's even further watered-down on the OG PS4, but this is clearly one of the best PC to PSVR ports that I've seen in the systems current lifespan. In fact, you could almost make the ar

Sony's one year Anniversary sale for PlayStation VR features tons of values!

Yesterday Oculus had a one day flash sale celebrating Friday the 13th. That sale has now concluded, but there is another big VR sale still in effect. Sony is celebrating the one year anniversary of their PlayStation VR platform here in the United States. Tons of high quality games are on sale up until Tuesday, October 17th at 8am PST. Be sure to head over to Sony's blog to check out all the amazing values. One of the best values available in this sale is PlayStation VR Worlds for a mere 10 bucks. This game was originally bundled with the PlayStation VR headset back during the launch, but you could also buy the game separately for $39.99. The normal price has since been slashed in half to $19

The Invisible Hours by Tequila Works could be the first legitimate VR movie!

When you first start playing, or should I say "watching", The Invisible Hours by Tequila Works, a message comes on screen letting you know that this is something unique and different. "This is not a game. This is not a movie. This is a piece of immersive theatre with many tangled threads. But remember: truth is a matter of perspective." I agree with Tequila Works that The Invisible Hours is not a game. I'm not so sure about the movie part. I honestly think one of the primary reasons that Tequila Works and Game Trust aren't advertising this as the world's first legitimate VR movie, is because they probably don't think they would be able to get $30 out of your pocket for an animated VR movie.

Does Arktika.1 live up the Hype?

Way back when Arktika.1 was first announced as an Oculus exclusive coming to the Rift from developer 4A Games, it was assumed that this project was designed to have the maximum audio/visual impact possible with today's current VR technology. Although I'm still quite early on in my play-through of the game, I can safely say "mission accomplished". One of the easiest ways to describe Arktika.1, is to call it the Michael Bay Summer movie of VR games. The game is as bombastic and overpowering as the latest Transformers movie to arrive at the box office. Explosions are commonplace, and sparks are flying around everywhere you look. The game has a visual flair that is undeniable. You can literally

The developer of our No.1 ranked Horror game has something new for us this Halloween!

A Chair in a Room is currently our No.1 ranked VR horror game and with good reason. Despite the stiff competition in this particular category, players can't stop raving about Wolf & Wood Interactive's first foray into VR horror. A Chair in a Room came out way back during the original launch of the HTC Vive, and we've been wondering what the development studio has been working on since the Vive launch. Wonder no more, because it was recently announced that they are slaving away on an episodic horror game scheduled to arrive near Halloween. The game is called "The Exorcist: Legion VR". LegionVR LLC is the publisher of the game, and it's safe to assume that they saw what the studio did with A C

DEMO ALERT - Organ Quarter Pre-Alpha demo is worth a look for Silent Hill fans

DEMO ALERT is a new feature we're going to implement at VR Game Rankings. Anytime we find a demo that we think is worth a look, we'll try to post these "demo alert" articles, so players will know that something cool is available for a free look. This doesn't mean these games are necessarily must buy titles or anything along those lines, but we think the demos are certainly worth a look, especially for fans of the given genre. Our first demo alert is Organ Quarter Pre-Alpha demo on Steam. If you're a fan of survival horror in VR, you probably want to download this and run it through it's paces. A while back Outer Brain Studios did a Kickstarter in an effort to fund development on a new surviv

Brass Tactics delayed till February 22nd 2018

Originally, Brass Tactics was due to arrive this month on the 19th. Unfortunately, the game has seen a delay until February 22nd, 2018. This is the first big Fall VR game to see a last minute delay into the new year. The developer, Hidden Path Entertainment is looking at the delay as an opportunity to further tune the game and add additional features for the late February launch. “Up until now, we’ve had a balanced set of eight standard units that everyone had access to in-game: archers, warriors, cavalry, tanks, mechanics, artillery, wasps, and the titan,” says Game Director Michael Austin. “We’re nearly doubling the number of choices and breaking the symmetry between players. You can easil

Could XING: The Land Beyond be a surprise Game of the Year contender?

I think I'm in love. XING: The Land Beyond has come out of almost nowhere, to completely blow my hair back. Now, I must admit, I'm a sucker for atmosphere and exploration, and XING has those two particular qualities in abundant supply. If you love nothing more than to explore a magical world in VR, stop reading this article and buy XING immediately. Play it for a few hours and then come back and finish this article. Yes, it's that freaking dope! The Land Beyond is exactly the kind of game that completely captures my imagination, and transports me to a magical, wonderful world of sublime mysticism and enchantment. Again, I'm a sucker for this type of stuff, and this is absolute catnip to some

Racket Nx is the 12th ranked Vive game. Developer One Hamsa finally getting some much deserved respe

One thing the VR industry has no shortage of is wave shooters and pong/racket type games. You've got Eleven: Table Tennis VR, HoloBall, Racket Fury, Paddle Up, the list goes on and on. However, there is one racket/pong style game that has separated itself from the pack. That game is Racket Nx by One Hamsa. This game differentiates itself from the others, with an incredible combination of sound design and haptic feedback. When you hit the ball with your Tron-like racket in this game, you really, really feel like you're hitting an actual ball. It convinces our lizard brain that it's actually happening, and it's so effortless. It's the 360 degree nature of the sound effects, combining with the

Lone Echo was so close to taking the No.1 spot on the Oculus Rankings

It almost happened! We were so close, but it didn't quite make it. Robo Recall has been the No.1 Oculus game since the inception of VR Game Rankings. In our most recent update on September 22nd, Lone Echo ranked 2nd among all Oculus Games. It was ever so close to knocking Robo Recall off it's permanent perch. We'll have to see if the newest Oculus rankings coming later this month will finally see a new King of the Hill. There's a very good reason why Lone Echo is threatening Robo Recall's crown. Simply put, Lone Echo could be the most cinematic video game I've ever played in my life. The game blurs the lines between games and movies. I've said it many times before, but my dream as a video ga

Halo: Recruit coming October 17th to Mixed Reality Headsets - should you care?

It was revealed today that Microsoft will have a Halo experience for players to sample on October 17th, the launch day for their Mixed Reality platform. The "experience" is called "Halo: Recruit" and it will be available for download for free from the Windows Mixed Reality Store. We knew Microsoft had some kind of VR experience planned for Halo, but we didn't know how soon it would come, and just what kind of experience or game it could be. The good news is that it's coming way earlier than anybody expected. The bad news? Well, let's just say, that if you're planing on running out and buying yourself a Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality headset, just so you can try out this awesome Halo experienc

From Other Suns by Gunfire Games officially arriving on November 14th for Oculus Rift!

Unfortunately, the free open beta weekend for From Other Suns has come to a close, so if you forgot to download that and try it out, you're out of luck. The good news is, you won't have to wait all that long for the full Monty. It was announced today on the Oculus Blog that From Other Suns is officially arriving on November 14th for $39.99. You can preorder the game right now and save yourself a cool 5 bones. Gunfire Games big November release is one of the more interesting titles coming during this holiday period. It's a clever mixture of Star Trek Bridge Crew, FTL and Gunheart. It's a melding of several genres, but the combined overall feel seems to work quite well. This game was built fro

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