Sprint Vector is looking like another hit VR franchise for Survios

On Friday, January 19th, the Sprint Vector Closed Beta kicked off. VR Game Rankings was lucky enough to get into the beta, and we've been playing the game throughout this opening weekend. Survios could very well be looking at another key VR franchise for their up and coming studio. Of course, Survios is the studio and publisher behind Raw Data, one of VR's earliest triple A franchises. Raw Data is well known for having that special something, that secret sauce, and it appears that Sprint Vector shares some of those same ingredients. The game is incredibly colorful and energetic. In fact, I'm reminded of Electronic Art's mothballed SSX series from those classic PlayStation 2 days. There's a

Stonepunk Studios' Primordian is a graphical showpiece!

Primordian, by Stonepunk Studios, has recently arrived on Steam Early Access for the price of $24.99. While the gameplay proposition might be a bit dubious, the graphical panache taking place in this title is a sight to behold. Calling this game a graphical Tour-De-Force might be somewhat of an understatement. From the moment the opening cinematic kicks off, you can tell you're in for something really special. Primordian takes place on a planet with a unique rotation around it's star. Half of the planet is bathed eternally in light, the other half eternally in darkness. Every several thousand years a small moon passes in front of the sun, creating a prolonged eclipse, opening a window in tim

The VR Crafter We've Been Waiting For?

At first glance, cyubeVR by Stonebrick Studios seems to be the next in a long series of Minecraft clones. We're familiar with the concept of an infinite, procedurally generated world. We're accustomed to the idea of mining resources and crafting tools and building with voxels. So, when I heard about a new mining game built for VR, I almost passed it by. I'm glad I didn't. One of the things I admire about cyubeVR is that it's built for roomscale. There's no point-and-click. Want to dig a hole? You'll need to swing your shovel. That beech won't turn to planks on it's own – brandish your axe to fell it, and physically hack it down to size. Answering community questions on Reddit, Corvin Engelke

Fallout 4 VR has 99 problems, but incredible gameplay isn't one of them!

I can remember back to June 2016 when Fallout 4 VR was originally announced. Pete Hines got up on stage, and confirmed what many VR gamers imagined as the ultimate dream come true. Bethesda would be bringing the world of Fallout 4 to VR. Prayers were answered. VR enthusiasts around the world rejoiced! This would be the game that would single-handedly save this young and wobbly industry. Well over a year later, on December 11th, the game would finally arrive on Steam. Unfortunately, this wasn't the glorious arrival we all wanted it to be. It seemed as though VR's savior had not only failed to single-handedly save the entire VR industry, but it appeared as though it could usher in an even grea

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